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Northern Democrats and Southern Whigs did support the Compromise.

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All the Compromises were issued with this aim - the Missouri Compromise, the Compromise of 1850, and the last-minute Crittenden Compromise.

with the slavery isn't proper grammar. There are many of them, and it depends on what you mean. the compromise of 1850 dealt with it in California, but many of the compromises were often not held up. Eventually it was the battles of Gettysburg, where Lincoln made the emancipation proclamation.

it was held around the 1850's and later on hope that helped

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He held a meeting called The Great Compromise which incorporated with the Constitution

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The Election of 1824 saw no clear cut winner. Under the terms of the 12th Amendment, the House of Representatives would select the president from the candidates with the three highest totals. This eliminated Henry Clay. Jackson's supporters were confindent of winning. When John Quincy Adams was elected by the vote in the House, Jackson's followers claimed a deal must have been made. When Henry Clay was appointed Adam's Secretary of State, Jackson's supporters claimed a corrupt bargain had been made between Adams and Clay, in which Clay would become Secretary of State if he used his influence in the House to get votes for Adams. There was never any concret proof of this deal. Actually, Clay made his decision to support Adams before the vote because they held basically the same ideas for the nation and both disliked the ideas of Jackson. And, Clay turned out to be an outstanding Secretary of State.

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Abraham Lincoln's mentor was Senator Henry Clay. Both were members of the Whig Party. Lincoln delivered the eulogy for his friend in 1852. Lincoln said the Clay's sense of duty to the US was always held higher then his own interests. Both he and Lincoln had agonized over slavery, which for the slave holding Clay, called a curse for which he could find no cure. Lincoln explained that Clay " did not perceive that on a question of human rights, the Negroes were to be excepted from the human race." Clay was on principle opposed to slavery as was Lincoln. For both men, it was a "dilemma on how to end it without causing a greater evil". As it can be seen, Lincoln was not an abolitionists then in 1852, or even later. Both men supported the American Colonization Society which advocated transporting freed Blacks, on a voluntary basis, back to Africa.

31 days William Henry Harrison in 1841

By establishing a single line of latitude, and making that the divide between the two societies. Anywhere North of that line, slavery was illegal. This Compromise held for thirty years until the vast new territories acquired from the Mexican War made it inoperable.

Thomas Jefferson did not like the Missouri Compromise very much and he feared that it would lead to the destruction of the Union. He held this opinion, because the Missouri Compromise was trying to imprint more slavery and was also trying to balance it. This would obviously lead to a bad end.

William Henry Harrison served as president for the shortest time?

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