Who inspired the Doors?

No one in particular inspired the Doors. Jim Morrison was the central point of the band and he was very much a loner and a poet and befriended such poets as Beat Poet Michael McClure. With Morrison's good looks and outrageous antics on stage he needed the band and the band needed him. Jim Morrison did not have that great a voice so the band played loud, but the band needed Jim Morrison's poetry in helping to write many of the songs he sang. Morrison named the bank from William Blake via Aldous Huxley's book on mescaline, The Doors of Deception. When Jim Morrison was very young (13 years old) he saw a terrible vehicle accident where several Indians were killed, bodies spread on the road and off to the side of the desert and he became very facinated with this. From that time on he felt this was an omen of things to come and, even predicted he would die young. Whether this was truly an omen or Jim Morrison's love for drugs is unknown. After Jim Morrison's death the band went on and tried to hire Iggy Pop, but the plan fell through. Still, they managed to score some popular songs and actually did better than when Jim Morrison was alive. Die hard fans keep Jim Morrison's memory alive and to this day he fits into the more modern type of music and is an icon.