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Various people wrote The Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, over a period of more than seven centuries. Each author was inspired or guided by religious leaders, contempories and their predecessors.

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Q: Who inspired the writing of the Bible?
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How much of the Bible was inspired by God?

For the Bible to be inspired by God, it ought to be inerrant and without contradictions since God can surely not make any errors. Yet throughout the Bible and in almost every book, there are clear and identifiable errors, whether historical or scientific. There are numerous doublets and biblical contradictions that point to multiple authors writing according to the context and needs of their own times, and not writing perfect copies of God's word. None of the Bible was inspired by God.

Where were the Bible authors located at the time of writing?

Various men, in various times and places, where inspired to codify the Scripture.

What is the sacred writing of the christians?

The Holy Bible that contains both the Old Testament and New Testament. There are 66 books of inspired writings.

Is the Bible the only book inspired by God?

Christians believe the Bible is the only inspired Book.

What inspired Christopher paul curtis?

His work and writing inspired him

What was a title given to God because he inspired the Bible?

The title given to God because he inspired the Bible is "Divine Author" or "Holy Spirit." God is believed to have inspired the writers of the Bible, guiding them in the creation of the sacred text.

Name reasons why Christians respect the Bible?

Christians respect the Bible because it is the inspired word of God.

Who inspired The Bible?

The Holy Bible was written by men of this earth. It was inspired by the Holy Spirit which is the third person of the Holy Trinity.

Was the Bible a title given to God?

No, The Bible is the inspired word of God. Meaning , God inspired the writers to write what they did. In other words, it is God spreaking to you when you read the Bible.

Who inspired the books of the bible?


What aspects of the writing were not inspired?

The lack of originality in ideas, repetitive language, and absence of depth in character development were aspects not inspired in the writing.

What would be different if the Bible were not inspired?

If the Bible is inspired - then that's how it is. We believe it is inspired - none of the authors have said that they were inspired - that came later, and from other people. If the Bible is not inspired, we wouldn't know. So, nothing would be different.... with the actual book itself What "might" be different is how people regard the book. As it is, many people don't believe the bible to be inspired - and some of them disregard the book, others of them just look on it as a book containing incredible wisdom and life-advice.