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Q: Who introduce the use of chloroform in medicine?
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What acid use in chloroform?

Chloroform is not a acid. It is a polar compound.

Why use chloroform in DNA isolation?

DNA is soluble in chloroform more than water. So we use it.

What is anesthetic gas?

Gases used in medicine for the anesthesia: chloroform, nitrogen monoxide, etc.

Is chloroform solve PVA?

algebra is the use of letters in an algebraic expression. Chloroform is a type of

Who introduced the use of chloroform to relieve?


If you use chloroform spray for women?

Using chloroform spray for women is illegal. Chloroform spray is a carcinogenic. If inhaled, a person will pass out and become ill.

Can chloroform be used in cough syrups?

Chloroform cannot be used in cough syrups. It is a known carcinogen (cancer causing agent) and has not been used in the field of medicine for many decades.

What medicine was administered to queen victoria during her 8th childbirth?

Dr John Snow gave her Chloroform.

What is the use of Chloroform?

1.chloroform is used to prepare chloratone which is a hypnotic agent. 2.It is use to prepare tear gas i.e trichloronitro methane .

What is an important use for chloroform?

There are some uses. Generally we use it as a anesthetic.

What is the importance of chloroform?

It is a organic compound. we use it as a anesthetic.

What is the study name of chloroform medicine?

1 hour behosh karne ke liye dawa ka name?

Why do medicine cat apprentices go to the moonstone?

Their Medicine Cat Mentors Introduce them to StarClan as a Medicine Cat Apprentice so StarClan can approve their choise.

Why do hospitals use chloroform?

cloroform is like a sleeping dose

What is an important medical use for chloroform?

Mostly used as an anaesthetic.

What did people use before anesthisia?

i think it was ether or chloroform

What is the use of chloroform in pharmacy?

There are not pharmacy uses. It is used as a anesthetic.

Why does chloroform knock you out?

CHCl3 is a anesthetic. We use anesthetics to knock you out.

Why do they use chloroform?

There are many uses. But mainly it used as a anesthetic.

What is the medical use chloroform?

There are no medical uses. It is harmful for body.

What is the solubility of benzoic acid in chloroform?

it is soluble in chloroform. Chloroform is nonpolar.

When did queen Victoria use chloroform to give birth to her eighth child?

She gave birth to her eight child in 1853. She used chloroform as an anaesthetic. John Snow (who invented the chloroform inhaler which regulated the dosage of chloroform in 1848) gave her the chloroform, but used an open-drop method rather than the inhaler that he had invented.

Is chloroform ionic?

No, chloroform is covalent.

What is the formula of chloroform?

what is the formula of chloroform

Why would you use chloroform?

There are many uses. Generally the main use is using as a anesthetic.