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Q: Who introduced the sufi some important sufi saints?
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What do some saints have in common?

All saints exhibited some form of heroic virtue to be recognized as saints.

What are some Important quotes from Ten thousand saints?

"Read the book and thou shall find out." --Eleanor Henderson

Are saints Victorian?

There are some Victorian era saints but not all saints are Victorian.

Why is greek orthodoxy th main religion in russia?

Orthodoxy was introduced to non-Christian Russia by two Greek missionaries, Saints Cyrill and Methodius. They also introduced writing to Russia hence the Russian use of the "Cyrillic Alphabet" which in some instances resembles the Greek.

What are some saints songs?

There are many songs about saints but my favorite is For All the Saints which was written by William How.

Are the saints for each day in France actually saints?

Yes. They are the same saints that are honored by the Universal Church. Some towns may honor some saints locally that are not recognized universally.

What are some important books in Christianity other than the bible?

books and stories of saints study guides to help understand the bible. . .

What are some important points about Charles Darwin?

There's one that I know of: he was the guy who introduced the theory of evolution by natural selection.

What are some good saints to know about?

all saints I've known are good. that's why they're saints.

Why do saints die young?

Some saints die young, some die old, some die in middle age.

Why are Methodist churches not named after saints?

Some are named after saints, mostly the apostles.