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Who invent the mobile phone first?


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The first person to invent the first mobile cellular telephone was Martin Cooper.

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MARTIN COOPER was first who discovered the cell phone which we know today.

The most obvious thing, THE FIRST MOBILE CELL PHONE!

Martin 'Marty' Cooper invented the first handheld mobile phone. He invented the phone while working for Motorola in the 1970's.

ask nasa that question.

Because they were struggling without the mobile phone and you would be RICH!!First off, he did not invent the mobile phone. He was part of a team that created the first hand held cell phone. Mobil phones were around many years before this.Before cell phones, HAM radio operators had a form of mobile phone and VHF mobile phones were also available. My first mobile phone was in 1966 and took up a large portion of my trunk. It was ont a cell based system. It was VHF and all calls went through a VHF operator and could be heard by other phone holders.... both of them! lol

how big was the first mobile phone

perasonic is the first manufacture of mobile phone

The first ever mobile phone was built in 1973 by Dr Martin Cooper of Motorola. The research had begun in 1968 with help of Bell Systems, and the final product was launched in 1973 by name of DynaTAC.

Martin Cooper developed the first mobile phone

Martin Cooper - A Motorola researcher and executive. He made the first mobile phone and was the first man to make a mobile phone :)

the first mobile phone was invented by Miran and royal soy....can you like it,,....,,.,.,.

No. Mobile phones rely on radio technology, which wasn't available at the time.

The first mobile phone was released on 1980 or 1981 that was when the 1G network was first established

The first mobile phone was made in 1983.

The first mobile name was vtech

The first Siemens mobile phone manufactured and sold in 2005 by Siemens Mobile and sold to BenQ. They are headquartered in Munich, Germany. They first launched the phone in 1985.

Mobile car phone, 1964 The first mobile phone was placed in the dashboard of your car. Usually higher class or those could afford them had one.

When was first com mercial mobile phone made and by whom?

Mobile Phone System AMPS and it was introduced in the 1940's

The first phone that was released with Mobile ESPN was most likely the Apple iPhone. The iPhone was the first smart phone on the market and most apps were created for that phone.

1987 Telstra introduces the first mobile phone network to Australia - the AMPS or Analogue Mobile Phone System ( ).

Money first and conveniece to people second.

The first commercial mobile phone system started in 1979 in Japan.No one knows the answer to this qkuestion.

The first touch screen mobile was introduced by IBM in 1992 - 1993.

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