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It was made by Rovio which is in Poland.

Jaakko Lisalo is one of the game designers.

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Rovio made it in their Finland headquarters.

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Through research it has been found that the software developers of the Angry Birds games series is Rovio Entertainment. Rovio has developed several different versions of Angry Birds.

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great answer thankss!

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Q: Who invented Angry Birds?
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Where was Angry Birds invented?

Angry bird...I think this game has got the biggest puller of the masses attention all over!!!! it was invented by Rovio and Deustche Telecom in Spain...amazing game...must play..........:)))

Who invented Angry Birds space?

The app company Rovio made Angry birds space

What is the person's name that invented Angry Birds?

Jaakko Iisalo was the developer who thought up angry birds

Is rovio the one who invented Angry Birds?


Why was Angry Birds invented?

It was invented to play the game on ipads, ipods, tablets etc.

Who invented the game Angry Birds?

Rovio mobile a finnesh computer company

What are all the names of all the Angry Birds games?

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What angry birds comes after angry birds space?

The next angry birds after space is the next angry birds space

How many different versions of Angry Birds are there?

Four: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons,Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space.There are also the free versions of each of these except Angry Birds Space

Where is an Angry Birds store?

An Angry Birds store is in Angry Birds Seasons which cost $1.19 at the moment which is a separate app from Angry Birds.

What are the codes for Angry Birds transformers?

What are the Angry birds transformers Jenga code

How many Angry Birds are in angry birds seasons?

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