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Who invented Param8000--The Supercomputer?

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No one

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Who invented the first supercomputer in India?

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar invented supercomputer in India first.

When was the first supercomputer invented?


Who invented the second supercomputer in India?

yoo ha

Who invented the supercomputer?

Seymour Cray with the CDC 6600 in 1964.

Who invented the first Indian supercomputer?

Lalith Kumar Sree Pulapantulla Jamal.

What year did Philip emeagwali invented the first supercomputer?

It's a trick question. Philip Emeagwali only invented the myth that he invented something that was already their when he used it.

Who is the inventor of super computer?

Philip Emeagwali(a black Nigerian computer scientist) invented the Supercomputer.

Who invented the fastest supercomputer in world?

Tianhe-2, the fastest supercomputer in the world, was built by about 1300 scientists and engineers from the National University of Defence Technology in China, along with Inspur, a Chinese IT firm.

What is the memory capacity of supercomputer have?

what is the memory capacity of supercomputer

Which is latest supercomputer?

i think latest supercomputer is "road runner".

Who invented the super-computer?

Seymour Cray invented supercomputer. In 1960s a series of computers at Control Data Corporation (CDC) were designed by Seymour Cray to use innovative designs and parallelism to achieve superior computational peak performance. The CDC 6600, released in 1964, is generally considered the first supercomputer.

What is supercomputer cost?

1.2 $ I think this is so much for a supercomputer price.

Is the MacBook a supercomputer?

The MacBook is a great computer but it would not be officially classed as a SuperComputer.

What are example of supercomputer?

The current supercomputer at the top of the Top500 list is Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Cray XT5-HE supercomputer. Expected to overcome it this year is China's National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen's Dawning TC3600 Blade supercomputer. example of a supercomputer----> India owns a series of supercomputers called PARAM developed by C-DAC

What is another name for a supercomputer?

Another name for a supercomputer is called a NAP( Network Access Point)

What is the difference between microcomputer supercomputer microcomputer and mainframe?

three difference between a supercomputer and minicomputer?

Which is faster a main frame computer or supercomputer?

Given similar technology the supercomputer is faster, by definition.

When was San Diego Supercomputer Center created?

San Diego Supercomputer Center was created in 1985.

When discovered first super computer?

This cannot really be answered because the term supercomputer is relative to the era. However, the term supercomputer started in common use in early 1980's when everyone was racing to show how fast their computers were. In the 1980's, the fastest supercomputer when this term was first in regular use was a Cray computer. This is not something that was discovered or invented, but developed by many over time.

What is the processing speed of a typical supercomputer?

Supercomputer is measured in "FLOPS" (FLoating Point Operations Per Second)

What is the price range for a supercomputer?

By khalid BetaniVariable price from $1 million to $4.6 million for a supercomputer

What are the characteristics of a supercomputer?


When and where was the supercomputer made?


What devices does a supercomputer have?


Can a supercomputer simply be a massive collection of networked computers?

No - a supercomputer is a single device or system (although fast and expensive). A massive collection of networked computers can give the results of a supercomputer but they would not be considered one.