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The hook-loop fastener was invented in 1948 by Swiss engineer, Georges de Mestral who lived in Commugny, Switzerland. The idea came to him in 1941 after returning from a hunting trip with his dog in the Alps. He took a close look at the burrs (seeds) that kept sticking to his clothes and his dog's fur. He examined them under a microscope, and noted their hundreds of "hooks" that caught on anything with a loop, such as clothing, animal fur, or hair. He spent several years perfecting the method.

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In what year was velcro invented?

velcro was invented in 1955

How old was George de Mestral when he invented Velcro?

george De mestral was 41 when he invented the velcro

What date was velcro invented?

It was invented in 1948.

Where was velcro invented?

it was invented in north america

Who invneted velcro?

Velcro was invented by Georges de Mestral in 1948.

What nationality was the inventor of Velcro?

George de Mestral invented Velcro, he was from Switzerland.

Who invented velcro shoes?

Velcro shoes were invented in 1953 by Velvel Cronin, an itinerant, Latvian shoemaker. That is where the name Vel Cro came from.

Was Velcro invented in 1941?

No it was invented in 1948 by George de Mestral.

What did George de Mestral invent?

In 1948 George de Mestral (Switzerland) invented velcro.Velcro.

What year did George de Mestral invent velcro?

The year when he invented Velcro was in 1948 in the country of Mexico.

Where can someone find out who invented velcro?

Velcro was invented by George de Mestral. He got the idea after a day of hunting, when he returned home he and his hunting dog had all of these seeds hooked into his fur and clothing. It was the main inspiration behind what is now Velcro.

Why was the velcro invented?

It was invented because it was a safe reliable fasener that is very easy to use.

When was Velcro invented?

it was invented in 1948 by George de Mestral in France. First patented in 1955.

Who invented Velcro in 1955?

It was invented in 1948 by the Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral.

What is the name of the person who invented velcro?

George De Mestral invented "velcro", hich is a portmanteau of the two French words velours, meaning 'velvet', and crochet, or 'hook'. The term Velcro is a registered trademark in most countries.Velcro is a brand name of fabric hook-and-loop fasteners.

What country did velcro come from?

Switzerland - it was invented by George de Mestral

What is a invention in 1955?

Velcro was invented in 1955 as well as colored television.

When were Velcro wallets at the peak of their popularity?

Velcro was invented in 1948 and patented in 1955, but did not become popular until the late 60s. Velcro wallets peaked in the 80s, but have since lost popularity to traditional wallet designs.

Why can other companies now make loop and hook fasteners like velcro?

Because it has already been invented by George de Mestral, but there not aloud to make velcro just things like velcro which are like the 'loop and hook':)

What clever fastening was invented in 1948?

Velcro was invented in 1948 by George de Mestral (1907-1990), a Swiss engineer.

What is industrial Velcro used for?

Velcro is the first commercially marketed fabric hook-and-loop fastener. It was invented in 1948 by a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral. Velcro is used for many different things, such as shoes, chessboards, etc.

What are Velcro strips used for?

Velcro was invented in 1948 by George de Mestral. Velcro is often used in clothing in place of zippers or buttons and in shoes in place of shoelaces. It also has been used extensively by both NASA and the US Army.

When was the velcro invented?

It was discovered when a plane crashed in the southwest US, and when doing rescue work, one man was wearing a suit that the rescue team had problems figuring out how to open the velcro openings.

Is grosgrain a velcro?

Velcro is not grosgrain. Velcro is a form of fastener, grosgrain isn't

Which invention was inspired by a burr?

Velcro, invented by a Swiss engineer in 1941 and patented in 1955

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