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Alcohol wasn't invented, it was discovered. It is a naturally occurring substance generated by bacteria in their normal life cycle. Wine and other drinks have been in use for over 5,000 years. In ancient tombs and graves the residues of wine has been found in clay containers. Since the beginning of time humans have found ways to ferment things.

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Q: Who invented alcohol?
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When was rubbing alcohol first invented?

rubbing alcohol was invented it 1997 by a girl who was a scientist.

When was alcohol invented?

alcohol was invented about 10,000 years ago (this year 2011) by themonstersophie

Who invented alcohol thermometer?

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the alcohol thermometer in 1709.

Who invented the mercury and alcohol thermometers?

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the mercury thermometer. Ferdinand II invented a thermometer using alcohol but it was very inaccurate.

Who invented the alcohol thermometer?

reaumurGabriel Fahrenheit(normally known fahrenheit)invented the alcohol thermometer in the year 1709.

When and where was alcohol beverages invented?

Well the Ancient Egyptians invented beer

Who invented rubbing alcohol?

it was invented by a girl by the name of nykira quarterman when she was a baby

How was alcohol invented?

Alcohol wasn't invented - it occurs naturally. It even occurs naturally within the human body and is called endogenous ethanol production.

Who invented the first alcohol thermometer?

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (b. 1686-d. 1736) was the German physicist who invented the alcohol thermometer in 1709.

How and why was alcohol invented?

Alcohol was not invented. It was discovered, most likely as the result of spoiled grapes (wine precursor) and grains (beer/ale/lager precursor).

What is the worst drug ever invented?

Believe it or not Alcohol.

When was the alcohol still invented and by who?

by John Fitzgerald in 1865

Who invented the alcohol lamp?

it was invented by Dave harly in 1890 the alchol lamp became rich in 1916

Who invented alcohol fueled plane?

Samuel Van Potter

What did Fahrenheit do?

He invented the Mercury and alcohol thermometer and the fahrenheit scale.

Who discovered the alcohol lamp?

Si wilfred zipagan .when he saw an alcohol drink and alcohol solution he tought that it can be flammable then he invented a time machine to travel to the past.

What did gabriel Fahrenheit do?

He invented the mercury and alcohol thermometer and the fahrenheit scale.

Who invented the weather thermometer?

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the weather thermometer in 1724. He also invented an alcohol thermometer in 1709 and the mercury thermometer in 1714.

Who is Gregorio Zara?

He is a filipino scientist.Invented the vedio phone.Invented the airplane engine which can run on plain alcohol as fuel.

Who invented nail polish remover?

i researched who invented nail polish remover and i didnt get an answer so i had to go to the library amd it turned out that nobody inveted it its just alcohol It's not 'just alcohol'. It is acetone. The molecular formula of acetone is C3H6O and the molecular formula of alcohol is CnH2n+1OH.

Who invented the mercury themometer?

The mercury thermometer was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. He had invented an alcohol thermometer years earlier. In 1724, he introduced the Fahrenheit temperature scale.

Who invented alcohol lamp?

Zoe Stevens born 13 march 1996 !

Why is alcohol used in gram stain?

because an old man on the loo invented it!

Who invented ethanal?

Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is the type of alcohol that humans drink as part of beer, wine and liquor. Mankind has been drinking it for thousands of years. It was not invented. It is a naturally occurring compound that is the result of plant sugars fermenting.

When was rubbing alcohol invented?

Some drunk dude was drunk and starting rubbing it on people.