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Who invented cat food?

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Dog food was invented by James Pratt in 1860. Cat food was invented by the Ralston Purina company in 1957.

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Who invented dog and cat food?

James spratt

When was cat food invented?

A long time ago. Nobody knows for sure.

What is the cat food with the least ash content both canned and dry food?

nothing because people haven't invented that kind of dog food that's because the people in this world are idiots. I'm talking about CAT FOOD not Dog Food

Where did uncle sam originate from?

he invented the cat and the dog he invented the cat and the dog

What is the food of Himalayan cat?

cat food

Which cat food is the best for a cat?

hmm cat food maybe

How cat get their food?

Either a cat will eat cat food that people give the cat like 9lives the cat food or they will hunt for their pray. (mice)

What do you do if a cat does not eat cat food?

Of course talk to a vet, but try different types of cat food, and wet food! Whatever you do, do NOT give your cat dog food, it can harm your cat...

Where can you buy Happy Cat cat food or an equivalent most cat food?

At Southbury Food Market.

What food do you feed a cat?

canned food or dry cat food

How can you get your cat to eat his prescription cat food?

If your cat likes wet food, try mixing the prescription food, with the wet food!

Which famous person invented the 'cat flap'?

Isaac Newton invented the cat flap.

What was the name of finicky cat in cat food commercials?

What was the name of finicky cat in cat food commercials?

What is cat food?

Cat food is food that a cat will eat and is either hard, or soft. Lots of cats love it.

Was time invented by a cat?

no time wasn't by a cat.

Name of animal who lick there food?

The dog licks its food.

How old does your cat have to be for it to stop eating cat food?

whenever you want it to, my cat eats homemade food, not commercial cat food :) it's healthier too

Is royal canin dry cat food good for your cat?

royal canin cat food

What is the possessive phrase for the cat food?

The possessive form for the 'food for the cat' is the cat's food.

Who invented the cat?


When was cat food first made?

cat food was made in 1902

How do you make a cat Muslim?

dog food then cat food then dirt

How do you get your cat to eat his dry cat food?

Mix in some can food.

What can a cat eat?

cat food

What supplies will you need to buy a cat?

Cat litter , a litter box , cat food , food and water bowls , a cat toy ,

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