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Who invented christiananity?

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The first person to start up Christianity was Jesus.

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they are vary big on christiananity they were big on witck killing they are vary big on christiananity they were big on witck killing

the religion in christiananity xD

the answer is right under your nose it is christiananity

Christiananity, Greeks, Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution.

one of their goals was to convert all of the aboriganals to Christiananity.

Christiananity, but some also believe in Thor as a god lol

the main religion is christiananity, but like the united states theres a whole bunch

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Hinduism has many gods. Christianity has one God, the true God, who died on the cross to save our sins.

it was christiananity islam and the other religons where made up in the years

There is only one Christianity, it means followers of Christ Jesus. To follow Him is to obey His commandments which are clearly stated in the bible. Anything outside of adherence to the scriptures is not Christianity.

Christiananity: Read Acts 11:26 it says that as followers of Jesus Christ, there in the Church of Antioch we were first given the name "Christians" which means followers of Jesus Christ. . This is all around 52-54 AD Jesus died in 33 AD and Pentecost would have been in early May that year (passover was April 3). Many put Pentecost as the beginning of Christianity since this is when the Holy Spirit came as promised by Jesus. Certainly they were not named Christians till later, but Christianity began before the name was applied. They were focused on witnessing to Jesus Christ, not on their name.

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