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Benjamin Franklin

Who invented eletricty?

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Benjamin Franklin Electricity was not invented. It is a property of matter.

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What is eletricty weakness weakness?

ground type

Why things are not conductors of eletricty?

rubber, wood, glass

Can a lemon provide eletricty?

No , a lemon cannot produce electricity because it is not a conductor .

How is environment being degraded?

By turning light switches off and saving eletricty

Does electricity go through water?

it will conduct eletricty but it's a better conducter in salt water

What is the difference from chemical properties and physical properties?

here is one example physical properties conduct eletricty while chemical properites do not. I hope tis helped! :)

How do the Amish live without eletricty?

they use the sun to cook and abuckect with a door for the bathroom.they get milk from cows and eggs from chikens.they also grow cops and stuff.

How can we put static electricity to good use?

static eletricty is useful in several ways.It causes attractin between particles,which makes it useful in air pollution control.

Is this how you spell eletricty?

No, that is not the right spelling.The correct spelling is electricity.For example:The invention of electricity meant humanity could progress further than ever before.

How do you spell eletricty?

Electricity is the correct spelling of this word.Some example sentences are:There electricity suddenly cut out.We will be changing our electricity suppliers.Electricity coursed from Emperor Palpatine's fingertips.

What is static eletricty?

STATIC ELECTRICITY builds up when you rub a balloon on your head or rub your socks on the floor and their are more different ones. When you do theses things you can give some body a electric shock.

When eletricty is passed through water the water breaks down into two simplar gases could water be an element?

Water is a compound and not an element because it can be broken down into the two gases hydrogen and oxygen.

Why don't people harness the electric eel's power to create eletricty?

Because they do not work like that, they do use electricity but only a little bit and you would not be able to take it from them. Plus, if you did that it would be classified as animal cruelty.

my pluming is mess up out side and in the eletricty is mess up when you turn on the stove the light comes on in two of the bedrooms.?

My pluming is mess up outside and in also when I turn the stove on the lights comes on in two of the bedrooms.

Why is it important not to waste electricity?

it is important not to waste electricity because you pay more for the electric bill and because more eletricty being wasted the electric company emits more pollution trying to make more power

Who invented the abacus when it was invented why it was invented and who invented it?


What can happen ton the atomic particles when rub two objects together?

One material gains electrons and one material loses electrons. This creates static eletricty this is SCIENCE & i got tis from my teach in SCIENCE yay me & a green paper YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

When was the CD player invented and who invented it?

The CD was invented in 2001 Thomas clamps invented it.

When was the mammogram invented?

it was invented on 1966 it was invented on 1966

When was snickerdoodles invented and where?

When and where were snickerdoodles invented Why were snickerdoodles invented

What is the present perfect tense of invented?

I have inventedorHe has invented

When was the iPad invented and who invented it?

The ipad was invented in 2010 and Apple INC. and Steve Jobs invented it.

When resistor invented?

invented in 500BC before electricity was invented

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Trampolining was invented when the Trampoline was invented in 1934.

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when chickens where invented they were not invented! they not man made