Who invented film for cameras?


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George Eastman of Eastman Kodak


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Film cameras are alot better quality then digital cameras.

Ordinary cameras that took 'still' photos. ------------------------------------------------------ No Before Video Cameras people used to use super 8mm and 8mm cine film cameras to take home movies.

who invented cctv cameras and what year was the first one invented.

Movie cameras have come a long way since their invention, and modern cameras use very different technology than their predecessors. One of the first film cameras was created in 1888 by Louis Le Prince.

Kodak company is still manufacturing film cameras. Another company who still produces film cameras is Fuji.

traditional cameras usually run on film while digital cameras don't need film at all

Roll film was invented by Peter Houston, a Wisconsin farmer, in 1881 and his brother invented and patented the roll container. A license was issued to George Eastman who designed his Kodak cameras to use the film.

recently A2 Movie cameras were invented almost as soon as photographic techniques were invented, at the end of the 19th century. These used chemical film. Video cameras were invented along with television in the 1920's. Videcon, vacuum tube type video cameras, were replaced with CCD's around the 1980's.

about 400 cameras have been invented

George Eastman Kodak invented roll film and a camera that used it in 1888. Before that, only single shot cameras existed, mostly using glass plates that were difficult to use. As I recall, the camera contained enought film for 100 exposures and had to be mailed away to have the film removed, processed and prints made. Kodak returned the camera re-loaded.

The country that invented portable video cameras is....America

small lenses for cameras were invented in the late years

Digital Cameras use Cards And Flash memory to store photos Film Cameras use Film Many Film cameras Need No batteries All digital cameras do Digital Cameras Can Take (Sometimes) Better Photos Than Film Cameras analogue computers use shutter digital camera uses image sensor other than film

Surprisingly, I could not find any film cameras for sale. Digital cameras are available in many varieties, but cameras that require film look to be phasing out. It is a sad end to darkroom photography.

Yes, this is true because film cameras do not have megapixels. This thus means that picture quality with film cameras has no limit.

Normally no. I have however seen cameras with changeable film-backs. Also, some cameras can use both 220 film and 120 film. The 220 is longer, and has no paper backing. 120 film can be used in a broad range of cameras, 6x4.5 6x6 and 6x9 formats being the most common.

The first cameras were pinhole cameras. They worked by the light from the image on the outside enters through the pinhole and flips it on to the film on the inside and the film captures it.

they where invented in 1897 by Joesph Nicphore

Cameras were invented in 1891, that was 26 years before Joplin died.

No. Although film cameras are nice when sending a child to camp or on a feild trip, Digital cameras are not only cheaper to develope but there are more places that you can develope them

It is for Kodak instant Cameras

Yes, they had cameras in 1969. -They even had quite good cameras in 1869. There are lots of good photos taken during the US Civil War. - Personal cameras really became popular at the start of the 20th century after George Eastman had invented paper film and his Brownie box camera .

Kodak is a better camera brand. Kodak invented film and resisted becoming a digital camera brand because it didn't want digital cameras to overcome film cameras. The creators of film automatically says that their cameras (digital or film) are the best. Kodak has been around longer and has obviously had much more experience. Now you do the math, creators of film, longer existence, and more experience. which is better, Kodak or Nikon? Kodak by far!

the camera was invented in the year 1839

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