Who invented memory foam?

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Q: Who invented memory foam?
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Why was memory foam invented?

Memory foam was originally made to improve the safety of aircraft cushions for astronauts.

When was the memory foam invented?

Memory foam or visco-elastic foam was developed by NASA in the mid to late 60's, but was not available to the wider public until the early 1980's.

What has been invented in space?

Dehydrated food, memory foam mattresses, and heart monitors!!!

What are the benefits of a queen memory foam mattress?

Although memory foam was invented in the 1960s by NASA there is little evidence of health benefits due to sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Those that sleep on such mattresses say that they enjoy it but scientific studies neither support nor deny any health benefits.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is made up of a polyurethane foam material with is molded into a form of a mttress, pillow, and so on.

What is the difference between memory foam and high density foam?

High density foam is just your typical foam. It does not conform to your body when it heats up like memory foam does.

What are some cheap alternatives to memory foam seat cushions?

Instead of purchasing a complete cushion made out of memory foam, it is possible to add one or two memory foam toppers to a regular foam cushion. This will give the support but will not be as hot or as prone to permanent indentations as memory foam.

What's the purpose of memory foam on shoes?

Memory foam on shoes makes the shoes more comfortable.

Do they make memory foam baby matresses?

Memory foam can be used for a baby mattress.

When was the foam finger invented?

The foam finger was invented in 1904 by Earl Whippie.

What thickness is a memory foam mattress?

The truthful answers is: "It's the thickness you are willing to pay for". One manufacturer I know of makes memory foam mattresses in three configurations: The top 2" of the mattress is memory foam, the top 4" is memory foam, and the whole mattress is memory foam. The price varies accordingly. Personal Note: If you can't afford a memory foam mattress, try a memory foam pillow. Awesome, especially if you're a "side sleeper".

What products use Novaform memory foam?

Many products, such as sleeping mattresses, use Novaform memory foam. The memory foam is also used by various companies that sell pillows and blankets.

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