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Who invented mountain biking?


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I don't think a single person invented Mountain Biking. Bikes have been ridden off-road since their invention. I know that the modern sport started in the 1970's. Okay, well downhill biking was "hucking" by canadians,

Joe Breeze built the first modern mountain bike frames, but without the ideas and innovations of a whole bunch of other people, he'd have had nothing to hang on them, and no inspiration to build them in the first place.


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Cross country biking was invented in British Columbia, Canada. Cross-country (XC) racing is held on a varied terrain circuit, it is normally around 6-8 kilometers (km) and is always a massed-start race. In 1996, cross-country mountain biking events were added to the Olympic Games. Norba refers to the Board of Trustees that represent the sport of mountain bike racing for USA Cycling.

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It is a sport were you ride down a mountain and take jumps on a bike.

I find mountain biking exciting and fun. It is also technical, so it requires some thought, like when getting over a jump. Also there is some great scenery, like when I was biking in France, Holland and Scotland I found it funner than road biking too.

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The invention of downhill mountain biking is synonymous with mountain biking in general because mountain biking actually started with riders taking their balloon tired beach cruisers down long mountain trails. If you had to credit one person for "inventing" downhill racing, it would have to be Charlie Kelly, who organized and raced in the Pine Mountain "Repack Road" downhill race in Fairfax, California starting on October 22, 1976. Kelly is also credited for coining the term "mountain bike" in 1979. Another participant of this early form of downhill mouintain biking was Gary Fisher. Fisher actually holds the record time of 4:22 for this course. Of course, Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher, along with frame builder Tom Ritchey, were the men behind the first mountain bike manufacturer simply known as "MountainBikes" in 1979.

When purchasing mountain biking equipment, it's usually wise to speak with an experienced mountain biker, who you can find in your local bike shop. There, you can experience equipment for yourself, and discuss your individual needs.

Exactly what it sounds like - riding on tracks and trails out in nature.Its usually called mountain biking.

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