Who invented online education?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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World Wide Web (WWW) was invented in the year 1991. Since than the world has changed so dramatically. The process of information sharing and communication has become as easy as a single click. WWW has allowed and connected the people totally in a new way. Since WWW has invented many other programs has invented with it, like on them is Online Education.

In the year 1994 Online Education has been introduced by a distance learning organization named as CAL Campus. Cal Campus has improved a lot with the advancement in technology. At this point of time they are offering programs in high school and secondary schools.

The early standard of online education was not as good as it is today. Now each and every thing has been integrated on one portal. Students who got registered in distance learning can take lectures on internet at any point of the day.

Online education is one of the best learning platform for working students. Working students do not get time for education. For flexible study structure Online Education has been introduced.

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Q: Who invented online education?
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