Who invented ringette and why?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Ringette was invented by Sam Jacks in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario. He created this sport because he saw the need to create a ice sport for females.

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Q: Who invented ringette and why?
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Who invented ringette?

Ringette was invented by Sam Jacks in 1964. In North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

When was ringette invented?

Ringette was developed by Sam Jacks in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario.

When did the sport ringette start?

Ringette was invented by Sam Jacks in NOrth Bay Ont in 1963. 2013 will be the 50th anniversary year.

Which sport is faster ringette or hockey?

Ringette is faster then hockey!

What are the 7 divisions of ringette?

1st:bunnies 2nd:novice 3rd:petite 4th:tween 5th:junior 6th:queen there is also ringette like the NHL but for ringette and you have to make it

Was Sam Jacks the inventor of floor hockey?

no he didn't he invented ringette and i think it is very insulting to even think that

Who is the best ringette goalie player in Canada?

the best ringette goalie would probably be on the Canada game ringette team so you would have to check it out

Do boys play ringette?

Boys can play ringette i believe up until the Petite (U12) division. However boys can be a ringette goalie at any age.

Who is the most famous ringette player?

The famous ringette player is Sam Jacks in 1963.

What is better hockey or ringette?

ringette is definitely better because it involves more hand-eye coordination and is much faster. i play ringette and just won a tournament

What is a Canadian University that plays Ringette?

The University of Alberta, I know for a fact, has a Ringette team.

Isn't ringette one of the winter olympic sports?

no, but it should be!! this is my 5th year of playing ringette. i love it!!