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Who invented root beer?

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Who invented root-beer?

A and W... Allen and wright

What month was root beer introduced?

I have personally found that Root Beer was invented/introduced on May 16th.

Who invented A and W Root Beer?

Roy Allen

What was the first soda pop invented?

the first soda invented was root beer

What year was root beer barrel candy invented?


Where is root bear from?

There are many recipes for root beer, a beverage that was invented and promoted by temperance activists in the hope that it would replace "real" beer. It didn't.

Why did Wisner invent the root beer float?

Frank J. Wisner invented the root beer float by putting vanilla ice cream on top of his root beer to imitate the white snow on top of the blackened Cow Mountain.

Why do you call root beer root beer?

Root Beer was originally an alcoholic beverage with about the same alcohol content as beer.

What was invented in Colorado?

The Barbie Doll was invented in Colorado. Root Beer Float's were invented in Coloirado. Jolly Rancher's were invented. And that's all i know of

What color is root beer smooth Is it darker than root beer?

Root beer smooth? Let me see..... The smoother, the lighter. So the answer to your question would be No. If you're looking for a darker root beer, "Root Beer Rough" is as dark as it gets.

What is sassafras used for?

root beer root beer

Is root beer a type of beer?

No, Root Beer is a type of a caffeine drink.

When was root beer made?

root beer was made in 1898

Do mcdonalds sell root beer?

They have root beer available

What is the new flavor of root beer?

root beer flavored.

Is root beer brown?

Yes root beer is brown

Is there malt in root beer?

there is only malt in root beer when u order malt root beer. When its in the name there is malt in it. :)

Does root beer have vanilla in it?

A root beer float has vanilla ice cream in it. Root beer itself does not contain vanilla.

When was root beer invented?

It was made in 1898

What was the first soda ever invented?

Ginger ale then root beer then dr pepper then coke

Which root is made out of root beer?

Nooo....Root not made out of """ROOTS""".......:l

Who invented the root beer float?

It was invented by Frank J. Wisner of Cripple Creek Colorado. Sometime in the late 1890's.

How did root beer get its name?

Root beer is made from sassafras root by a brewing process similar to the way traditional beer is made.

Why was root beer named root beer?

it is called root beer because it comes from the sap that is located in the roots of the birch tree hense it other name birch beer, but another reason could be that one major ingredient in root beer is sasafras root.

What is root beer called in Australia?

Root beer is known as root beer in Australia. Not a particularly popular drink, it is not to be confused with ginger beer, which is a completely different drink.