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Throughout history people have played sports involving ball and using hands, feet and sticks. Each local area had their own rules so there was no definitive global definition of any sport.

In the 1300's the king of England Edward II banned football, hockey and handball. This shows a difference between sports using the feet, hands and sticks.

In 1863 at Cambridge university a group of Englishmen formed the Football Association and invented football.

After this event many other "versions" of football were invented. Rugby and Australian rules were the first. In North America rugby and football were both played, and a hybrid of these two sports was invented called Gridiron (American football)

The first sport called football with global rules is football, other sports using the term football have words placed in front such as rugby, American or Australian to differentiate them from football.

There is remains only one football accepted by FIFA and the Olympic committee.

There are many forms of football which evolved from medieval ball games played in Europe. One of these is Association football or Soccer. The man who drafted the 'Laws of the game' for 'Soccer' was called Ebenezer Cobb Morley. Ebenezer, along with other co-authors, agreed the rules at a public house called the Freemasons Tavern in London on 26th October 1863. Morley became the Football Associations first secretary. He also founded the Barnes Football Club in 1962 which he captained against Richmond football club in the first ever soccer match. The game ended 0-0 but in a return game he scored the first ever goal. He died in 1924 and is buried at a Cemetery on Barnes Common not far from where he drafted the Laws of the game at 26 The Terrace, Barnes, London. A blue plaque commemorating his life's work was placed on the wall of this address by English Heritage in 2009. The word 'Soccer' is a phonetic abbreviation of the word 'Association' with er placed on the end coined by students in English public schools to create a distinction between Association football and Rugby football which they called 'Rugger'.

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Q: Who invented soccer and where did it originate?
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