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Thomas Edison was the first to ever inventg the recording studio. To find out more visit wikipedia.

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What do singers do on an average day in a recording studio?

When they are in the recording studio, they are recording. It's their job.

What are you supposed to do at a recording studio?

You record your music at a recording studio.

What was Tupac's first recording in studio?

Quad recording studio nyc

What is the name of a person that works in a recording studio?

recording studio engineer / technologist / technician

Is there a franchise recording studio?

Yes. The Franchise Recording Studio is located in Miami, Florida.

Sackowoe Recording Studio St Pete Fl?

SackOwoe Recording Studio is in Largo FL.

What is a good studio microphone for recording?

A Neumann U87 is a studio standard, and an excellent microphone for recording.

How do you spell recording studio in french?

studio d'enregistrement

Where is paramores recording studio?

they don't have one designated recording studio. they have recorded in new jersey, and california.

What are some recording studio numbers?

= What are some recording studio numbers? = Some recording studio numbers are number 24 based on the number of track tapes being used also 9

Where is Taylor Swift's recording studio?

Taylor Swift's recording studio, Big Machine Records is in Nshville, TN

Where is the Reach Records recording studio?

Reach Records' recording studio is located in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States.

Any sound recording that happens outside of a recording studio is called?

a field recording

Which recording studio did Elvis record his first song in?

Sun Studio was the recording studio where Elvis sang "That's Alright Mama," his first recorded song.

Is Abbey Road a recording studio?

Yes. Abbey Road is a recording studio located on the street Abbey Road in London.

Did Werley Nortreus know how to produce and record audio in a studio recording?

Yes, before he went to a real studio recording, he used to produce his own songs at his house, at his mini-studio recording, even if he goes to a real studio recording now, he still know how to record audio, he has the talents to produce music .

Where do recording engineers work?

Usually you find them working in a recording studio.

Are there any music recording studios in Oklahoma?

Yes, there are several recording studios located in Oklahoma. Analog OKC is one recording studio in Oklahoma. Diamond Recording Studio is another location in Oklahoma.

How do you build a recording studio?

"If you have got a sound card in your computer you can easily start a recording studio." To build a recording studio you first need either land or a commercial space or an area of your residential structure that you can give up for this purpose. So the correct answer should more be "in order to build a recording studio you need lots of working capital". Each computer comes with a sound card, and that in and of itself does not a recording studio make.

Where is green day's recording studio?

Studio 880 in Oakland, California

Who invented the digital voice recorder?

who and when the voice recording invented who and when the voice recording invented

How does a studio recording differ from a live recording?

Each instrument or track is recorded separately in a studio recording, and effects and mixing applied after, while a live recording will usually be recorded as a combination of all sounds or instruments, mixed before recording. Note that studio recordings are often edited afterwards using pitch correcting and rearranging or restructuring of sounds. Sounds are also often added to a studio recording to complete the mix.

What furniture is needed in a recording studio?

There are a number of furniture types that can be used in a recording studio. The most needed items are studio racks to store hardware, studio desks to fit the control surfaces and comfortable seating.

What Maine town did Dan Fogelberg have a recording studio?

his recording studio was not in Maine. it was at his ranch "Mountain Bird" near Pagosa Springs Colorado

What occasion brought Elvis presly to the recording studio in the first place?

He went to the recording studio to cut a record as a birthday present for his mother