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Who invented the Airliner?


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The wright brothers


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William Grant Thompson invented the airliner

The Airbus A 340 is considered to be a widebody jet airliner. A jet airliner is an airliner that it is powered by jet engines. These types of airliners are also often called jetliners.

Yes, the A 380 is an all European airliner.

It was invented around 1946/7 with the first test flight being in England, UK on the 6th April 1948 The plane was a Vickers VC.1 Viking Registration : G-AJPH The first purpose built jet airliner was the De Havilland Comet, first flight in 1949 and then entered service in 1952

The nickname for the Boeing 747 airliner is Jumbo Jet.

an airliner is faster than a buggati veyron by miles the bugatti veyron is the fastestcar in the whole wide world and its speed is 275mph and an airliner is 700mph at 47000ft so the airliner will beat the bugatti badly

There is currently no commercial airliner which can travel at that speed.

Transair Georgia airliner shootdowns happened in 1993.

Original Answer: Airbus 380 I Would Say: Airliner / Jet Airliner

An airliner is an airplane, usually large, used for transporting passengers and cargo. Such aircraft are operated by airlines.

Usually in an airliner.

The turbo jet engine was invented by Frank Whittle in 1928. The application of this invention to larger and larger planes was inevitable once the power of the engine was demonstrated.

An airliner plane is a passenger plane that can fly in the stratosphere. The cabin needs to be pressurised and heated for the comfort of the passengers.

An aerobus is an airbus or passenger airliner.

The most common airliner is the twin-engine Boeing 737. It made its maiden flight in April 1967 and is still in production.

Jet Airliner - Modern Talking song - was created on 1987-05-18.

Take off speed depends on the make of airliner, the airport, the number of passengers and cargo being carried, the distance to the destination and the weather.

Civilian passenger airliner.

Depends on the size of the airliner, and the size of the family. There is no defined size for an airliner, and no defined size for a family (except it must be at least 2 people) The Airbus A 380 can transport up to 853 people. That would be 213 families of 4 persons.

airplane, airliner, flying machine

persanaly I recomend boing 767


Most commonly "airliner".

Narrow body jet airliner.

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