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Who invented the apple company?

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Answer:Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the Apple Company.
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Which company invented apple Macintosh?

Apple Incorporated

What date was apple company invented?

The Apple Company was founded on April 1st 1976.

Who invented the apple II computer?

The Apple Computer company.

What was the company that invented the computer?


What company invented the iPod?


What company invented the GUI?


Who invented iPads?

Apple. (Its a company)

What company invented the modem?


Where was the MacBook Air invented?

i was invented in California, in the apple company

What company invented cellphones?


Which company invented you-pod?

Apple did

What company INVENTED the iPad?

What company invented the Ipad? Answer: Apple invited all of the Iphones, Ipods, and Ipads.

Where was the iPhone 4 invented?

All the iPhones are created and invented by Apple....'iPhone' is the brandname and the copyright of other company makes it...

When was the company Apple invented?

when the owner of apple, before he had the company, had the idea of starting a businees with technology, was pondering about the idea under an apple tree then was struck by a fallen apple that gave him courage to start Apple.

Who was the person who invented the ipod?

steve jobs his company apple.

Which company invented Mac OS X?

Apple Inc.

Why did they invent the Apple company?

Nobody invented the Apple computer company. It was established in 1976 to sell the computer, known as the Apple I, that Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs had designed.

Who invented the iPhone 5?

iPhone was not invented. It was developed by Apple company and it is a developed version of iPhone.

What year was the Apple Macintosh invented?

Apple Computer Company introduced the Macintosh model in January of 1984.

Who invented the Apple iPad?

Apple Inc invented the iPad.The apple company made the iPad. The owner Steve Jobs made it to have a portable PC with you. To take technology to the next level.

Why was the apple company invented?

Because they wanted to make a new generation of technoligy.

How old was Steve Jobs when he founded apple?

How old was Steve Jobs when he invented Apple? Apple was invented in 1976 by Steve Jobs the CEO of the company. He was 21 when he first invented the company Apple. He was born in 1955 and later in the year of 1976 Steve co-founded Apple. Steve is now 54 years old and his invention is one of the biggest electronic company in the United States. Apple had grown bigger over the years and will continue to. Wrong - only the people who lived with him know the correct answers to all these questions.

What did Steve Jobs do to become famous?

He made Apple company, invented the first success laptop, and made apple products.

Who invented the Apple Quicktake camera?

The Apple Quicktake camera was invented by Steven J Sasson and others with the Eastman Kodak company and was introduced in 1994 in association with Apple Computer. The camera was the first consumer digital camera.

Does Bill Gates own a different computer company?

Well actually bill gates invented Microsoft, and his friend invented apple