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What are two things invented in 2009?

Gummybears and Pigskin blankets

When were electric blankets invented?

The first electric blanket was invented in 1912 by American physician Sidney I. Russell.

Who invented blankets?

Me, I am not joking my name is Clarie Alveraz check me out. Once again not lying!

What kinds of blankets come in all colors?

There are plenty of blankets that come in all colors such as, cotton blankets, baby blankets, electric blankets and microplush blankets.

Why did smallpox vaccine need to be invented?

because the white man came and gave blankets full of smallpox to everyone

Why are baby blankets called receiving blankets?

Baby blankets are called receiving blankets simply because it is the first to wrapped the baby when he's out on mother's womb.

What rhymes with blankets?

Spank It?...No words rhyme with blankets.

Do blankets ever come with any type of warranty?

Some blankets do like the thermal electric blankets from the manufacturer.

Are there affordable blankets to purchase for low income families?

Yes there are affordable blankets for low income families these blankets can be found on websites such as,, and

What are Mexican blankets made from?

what material are Mexican blankets made from

What is the ISBN of Blankets comics?

The ISBN of Blankets - comics - is 1891830430.

What are horse blankets made of?

Just like really blankets

What is fear of blankets called?

There is no scientific name for fear of blankets

Are organic blankets better for infants and small children?

Organic blankets are good, but there is no substantial difference when compared to normal blankets.

Do goats sleep on hay and blankets?

If you provide hay and blankets they will sleep on them.

What did the aboriginals trade blankets for?

They traded blankets for cozy animal furs

Does delta airlines have blankets?

Yes, blankets are provided on Delta Airlines.

Did Ontario hydro have wool blankets?

Yes, Ontario Hydro had wool blankets.

What is the best treatment for a hypothermia victim?

Wrap the victim with blankets. Warming blankets

Where are blankets made?

Blankets are made in a blanket factory. ANSWER 2: Or they can be hand crafted.

Can dirty blankets cause skin irritations?

no, blankets do not cause skin IRRITATIONS.

Where to buy the best blankets?

The best blankets are definatley at Marshals or Home Goods.

How many blankets are in San Diego?

I love pie oh and about thousands of blankets

When was Blankets - comics - created?

Blankets - comics - was created in 2003.

Whom invented blankets?

No one knows. People have always looked for warmth and comfort. Animal skins, woven fabrics have been in use for thousands of years.