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Who invented the cassette tape?

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The Philips Company of the Netherlands invented and released the first compact audio-cassette in 1962. They used high-quality polyester 1/8-inch tape produced by BASF. Recording and playback was at a speed of 1.7/8 inches per second. The next year in the U.S. sales began of the Norelco Carry-Corder dictation machine that used the new cassette tape. The consumer's demand for blank tape used for personal music-recording was unanticipated by Philips. German inventor SeJoseph Begun was a pioneer in the field of magnetic recording. A pioneer in the early history of magnetic tape recording, Semi Joseph Begun's advancements in the magnetic tape field eventually provided the 3M company with a billion dollar industry. Joseph Begun graduated in 1929 from the Institute of Technology in Berlin, Germany, where he wrote an important research book entitled Magnetic Recording. In 1934/35, Begun built the world's first tape recorder used for broadcasting. He later created the first consumer tape recorder called the Sound Mirror (patents 2,048,487; 2,048,488). Over the course of his career, Joseph Begun continued the development of sound recording media and improved the coating paper and ferromagnetic powders used with magnetic sound tape. In his "History of Magnetic Recording" Semi Joseph Begun had this to say about his own contributions: Magnetic recording was improved in Germany after World War I. In 1928, Kurt Stille formed the Echophone Company with Karl Bauer and contracted with Ferdinand Schuchard AG and its talented engineer Semi Joseph Begun to manufacture the Dailygraph, the first cassette magnetic recorder. Semi Joseph Begun also developed the Stahltone-Bandmaschine steel tape recorder in 1935 for mobile radio broadcasting

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When was the cassette tape invented?

The cassette tape was invented by the phlips company in 1962

What year was the cassette tape invented?

A cassette was invented in 1962. There were other forms of magnetic tape mad before this but none of them compared to the compact cassette.

What year was the cassette tape recorder invented?

Philips' development of the Compact Cassette in 1963.

What does le cassette mean in English?

le cassette = the cassette / the tape / the cassette tape

What year was audio cassette tapes invented?

cassette tape was patented in 1964 by Philips. This format was invented for its convenience and portability over bulkier reel to reel tapes. cassette tape was patented in 1964 by Philips. This format was invented for its convenience and portability over bulkier reel to reel tapes.

Difference between the magnetic tape and cassette tape?

No difference - a cassette contains magnetic tape.

How do you play Werewolves of London?

I have it on cassette tape. I play it on my cassette tape player.

During which decade were cassette tape recorders most popular?

Cassette tape recorders were invented around 1930. However, they were not very popular back then because they were an expensive luxury. Cassette tape recorders were most popular in the 1990s because they were mass-marketed and became cheaper and more affordable to the general public.

Who built the cassette tape?

Phillips was the inventor of the compact cassette tape (it's original name).

What is the Difference between hard disk and cassette tape?

what is the defference between cassette tape and hard disk

What is supposed to be on the cassette tape in escape from new york?

the cassette tape contained information on nuclear fusion.

How does a cassette recorder work?

The tape in a cassette has a bunch of little magnets in it. When you record on the tape, the magnets are aligned in a pattern that can be read later by a cassette player.

Cassette player does not play tape?

If the cassette player does not play the tape, insert a different tape to see if that is the problem. If another tape does not play, use a can of air to clean the tape player.

When did the cassette get built?

In 1958 RCA introduced the first cassette tape.

How do I remove a cassette tape stuck in the player in my Pontiac Grand Am?

How do I remove cassette tape stuck in my 1998 Volkswagon beetle

How does a Compact Cassette Tape work?

The magnetic tape runs on to wheels in the plastic cassette tape. The magnetic tape can be rewound or sped forward to reach the proper place in the tape's information.

Why does cassette recorders have magnets?

A cassette tape is based totally off of a magnetic system. The magnet is what reads and writes the information to the tape.

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