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Humans did not 'invent' cobras. Cobras are a kind of snake that belong to the Elapids group. The name 'cobra' was conceived so that one could specify the type of snake more easily.

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The AH-1 Cobra was first fielded in South Vietnam in 1966.

The Cobra jet Mustangs were the brain Child of Mr Carol Shelby. The Cobra Jet engines that powered them were a development of Ford.

The Cobra was invented because the Huey was too slow and couldn't carry enough firepower

carl shelby backed up by ford

Indian cobra is not a king cobra.

The king cobra isn't a cobra, it doesn't have the same genus as a true cobra.

today we use anti-venom but back then that wasn't invented yet so there was not a cure. The mortality rate for an untreated king cobra bite is 75%

yes, the Indian cobra is a spitting cobraNO the Indian Cobra is NOT a spitter, the Indian Cobra or speckled Cobra has a "standard" envenomation through biting and cannot spit venom.

spitting cobra, king cobra, Egyptian cobra, Indian cobra, and common cobra are the most common types.

There are several species of spitting cobras, the King Cobra is not one of them. Black-Necked Spitting Cobra Black Spitting Cobra Western Barred Spitting Cobra Red Spitting Cobra Mozambique Spitting Cobra Malaysian Spitting Cobra Black and White Spitting Cobra Sumatran Spitting Cobra Nubian Spitting Cobra

Black necked spitting cobraIndo-Chinese spitting cobraRed spitting cobraMozambique spitting cobra andGiant spitting cobraare the different spitting cobra species

I think we do call a female cobra, QUEEN cobra

Some species of Cobra are: * King cobra * Spitting cobra * Burrowing cobra * American cobra or eastern coral snake

5. They are:Black necked spitting cobraIndo-Chinese spitting cobraRed spitting cobraMozambique spitting cobra andGiant spitting cobra

The largest cobra in the world is the king cobra.

Monocled cobra; Adrian spectacled cobra; Spitting cobra; King cobra; Egyptian cobra. They are all hooded and extremely venomous.

The king cobra is a type of cobra and yes it is the most deadly. That is why it is called the king cobra because usually the king is the most powerful.

The bite will hurt the cobra but the poison/venom wont

Yes, there is a Ford Mustang Cobra and a Ford Shelby Cobra also known as an AC Cobra.

A mongoose will eat a cobra A mongoose will eat a cobra

CobrasCommon name(s): Indian Cobra, Cobra-de-Capello, Common Cobra, Spectacled Cobra, Asian Cobra, all from the Elapidae family. Scientific Name: Naja Naja.

No. A cobra is a snake.

Cobra is Cobra. :) Because cobra is a Portuguese word meaning "snake", used to describe a snake from the genus "Naja". So yeah, Cobra is the same in French.

The Egyptian cobra is the most common cobra in Africa

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