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Nobody invented the color blue, it has always existed.

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Q: Who invented the color blue?
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Who invented the colour blue?

The color blue was not invented. It is a primary color, along with red and yellow, and exists without being mixed with any other colors.

When was the colour blue invented?

The range of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum that we consider to be "blue" was not invented - it is a natural occurring phenomenon - just as gravity was not invented. The word "blue" we use to describe a color, according to the Online Etymological Dictionary, was first used circa 1300.

What is blue?

blue is a color like the color of blue diamonds Blue is a color

Why the sea water is blue?

the color of ocean is blue because the blue color splits more and the color of sky becomes blue and it reflects the blue color and the color of sea becomes blue

What color is It Blue?

Blue is the color blue of course!

Is the color blue in blue?

No, it's the absence of the color blue that makes it blue.

What color make green and blue color?

Yellow and blue makes green color. You can't make blue color.

Is the color blue a warm or cold color?


What was Jackie Robinson's favorite color?

His favorite color was blue,.

What was Thomas Jefferson's favorite color?

Blue, he loved it because it was the color of his eyes.

How do you spell the color blue?

You spell the color blue like so- BLUE.

What color is patience?

Blue.Definitely Blue with all the degrees of the color Blue. The degree of the blue color is a reflection and a scale for the patience level.

On a map what color is for water?

blue the color of water is blue

What is the complimentary color of blue?

The complimentary color of blue is orange.

The color blue?

yess the color blue. its awesome its my favorite!!_ !!

Is blue a dark color?

Yes blue is a dark color

What color is azul?

The color azul is Blue.

Is blue a soft color?

Yes blue is a soft color.

What was Jackie Robinson favorite color color?


What is the color of sleep?

Blue. Blue is tranquility and relaxation. Therefore the color of sleep is Blue.

What color do blue jays like?

Blue jays like the color light blue

What color do you mix with pink to get blue?

we cant get blue with pink and another color to get blue

What is the color of the sky-?

The sky is the color blue. The blue sky has white clouds.

What color is opposite of light blue?

the color that is opposite of light blue is dark blue.

Is blue an Easter color?

Yes, blue is an easter color because Easter is in the spring and blue is considered a spring color