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What are facts about the the wright brothers?

They invented the airplane and bicycle Answer: They did NOT invent the bicycle, although they did have a bicycle shop. They made repairs and some improvements.

Did the Wright Brothers invent the first bicycle and airplane?

They didn't invent the bicycle but are usually considered to have invented the aeroplane.

What are two machines originally invented by Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo da Vinci invented the bicycle and the helicopter.

Did the Wright Brothers invent anything else than the airplane?

Yes, they invented a type of bicycle/

Apart from painting what else was leanoardo famous for?

He was famous for Inventing stuff. He invented the helicopter and tank and even the bicycle.

Who invented the bicycle and a helicopter?

In that setting, the answer has to be Leonardo Da Vinci. Some of his sketches show one machine that (rather easily) interpreted as a crude helicopter, and something that with (a lot more imagination) can be interpreted as a kind of bicycle. The Bicycle drawings however, have been proven to be false, and added at a far later date.

Propeller to airplane?

Pedal : Bicycle

Who were the first men to fly an airplane?

Wilber and Orville Wright invented and flew the world's first airplane. They were bicycle mechanics in the early 1900s and inventing was a hobby. The first flight of the first airplane was in Kitty Hawk, South Carolina.

Who invened airplane?

The first sucessful plane was built by th Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur. They invented the plane using bicycle parts.

Who invented the bicycle brake?

The bicycle brake was invented by Browett and Harrison in 1887.

Who invented the first bicycle frame?

The same guy who invented the bicycle.

Who invented the bicycle and when was it made?

Baron Von Drais invented the bicycle in 1817 . hope that helps! :) :)

What did the Wright brothers do?

They created and invented the first successful airplane. They shrunk the size of Earth due to the fast transportation over-sea. They owned a bicycle shop.

Was the biycle invented before or after the car?

the bicycle was invented after the car. the car was invented in 1672 by Ferdinand and the bicycle was invented in 1817 by Baron Von Darais

Who invented a bicycle in 1888?

The bicycle was invented in 1879. In 1888 John Dunlop created the pneumatic tire that allowed for a more comfortable bicycle to be developed.

When was the bicycle wheel invented?

Wheels had been around for quite some time, but they didn't become bicycle wheels until someone invented the bicycle.

Did a black person invent the Bicycle Frame?

No.The guy who invented the bicycle frame has to be the guy who invented the bicycle.And the general opinion is that the first machine sufficiently recognizable as a bicycle was invented by a white german guy named Karl von Drais.

When was the bicycle bell invented?

John Richard Dedicoat is credited with invented the bicycle bell in 1877. Bicycle bells are usually put on the handlebars and are thumb activated.

Was the bicycle invented in the US?


What was invented in 1645?


What date was the bicycle invented?

the bike was invented in the 1860s

How did the first car was invented?

it was invented by the example of the bicycle.

Are helicopters harder to fly than aeroplanes?

as rod machado says in Microsoft flight simulator 2004, "if flying an airplane is like riding a bicycle, then flying a helicopter is like riding a unicycle... while juggling" so... yes.

List of things that fly in the sky?

Airplane, bird, rocket, umbrella, hand glider, helicopter, flying bicycle, bat, hot air balloon, parachute, insects, toys, blimps, kites, flying squirrel, flying fish.

What are transport facilities?

It is for example: airplane, car, bus, boat, bicycle.