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Who invented the first scrub board?

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== == James King

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What date was the very first scrub board made on?

The earliest scrub board was invented in 1797.

Who invented the scrub board?

The person that invented the wash board is not known. It is possible that this invention originated in Scandinavia in the mid 1700's. A patent for the wash board was not issued until 1833 for Stephen Rust's design of a wooden frame with a zinc scrub board.

When was the washer invented?

The washing machine was invented in 1797 as a scrub board and rotary washing machine was created in 1858.

How was the washing machine been built?

James king patented the first washing machine with a drum in 1851. The first true washing machine was the scrub board invented in 1797.

Who invented the first circiut board?

Paul Eisler invented the first circuit board in 1936.

Who invented the first black board?

iInvented The First Black Board In 1778

When did James King invent the scrub board?

James King didnt invent the scrub board he patented a Washing Machine with a drum in 1851

When the first board game invented?


What was the first telephone ever invented?

the first telephone ever invented by Alexander graham bell, and it was a switch board. I t was very old but was a switch board.

Who is James King?

is the person who made the scrub board

Who is King James?

is the person who made the scrub board

Who invented the washing machines?

The earliest Washing machine "the Scrub board" was invented in 1797 and the American James King patented the first washing machine to use a drum in 1851. In 1858 Hamilton Smith patented the first rotary washing machine and on the 9th August 1910 Alva Fisher patented the first electric washing machine 42ne

When was the smart board invented?

What year was the Smart Board invented?What year was the Smart Board invented?

When was the first electronic dart board invented?

1 bc

Where was the first cutting board invented?

it was created in turkey 2008.

Child of former slaves invented the ironing board How invented the ironing board Invented ironing board Invented the ironing board and the spinkler?

Elijah McCoy

Who made the first washer machine?

The earliest washing "machine" was the scrub board invented in 1797. American, James King patented the first washing machine to use a drum in 1851, the drum made King's machine resemble a modern machine, however it was still hand powered.

When was the i Board invented?

No one actually invented it. It was brought by Mayan as a gift to the Japanese(First class of course)

Who was a Child of former slaves invented the iron board the lawn sprinkler and many other useful things?

Sarah Boone invented the first ironing board. Elijah McCoy invented the portable ironing board, tire tread, and the lawn sprinkler.

How did Victorians wash their clothes?

By hand, in a wash basin with a scrub board.

What is a scrub board?

a peice of wood that u use to wash clothes

Who invented white board?

Martin Heit invented the white board.

Who invented the hover board?

No one. The hover board is not invented yet.

Invented the ironing board?

Sarah Boone invented the ironing board. She lived near New Haven Connecticut and was one of the first African American women to receive a patent for an invention.

When was the first ouija board invented?

In china around 1200bc or France around 526bc