Who invented the lawn sprinkler?

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The first US patent with the title "lawn sprinkler" was issued to J. Lessler of Buffalo, New York in 1871 (#121949). Early examples of water-propelled, rotating lawn sprinklers were patented by J. Oswald in 1890 (#425340) and J. S. Woolsey in 1891 (#457099) among a gazillion others.

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Q: Who invented the lawn sprinkler?
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Who was the improved lawn sprinkler invented by?

by me

When was the lawn sprinkler invented?


Is it true that J W Smith invented the lawn sprinkler?

Yes! He invented the lawn sprinkler in May 4, 1897 ;)

Why did Joseph smith make the lawn sprinkler?

The Joseph Smith that invented the lawn sprinkler was notthe same Joseph Smith that founded Mormonism.The Joseph Smith that invented the lawn sprinkler was a black American slave. We know very little about him but can assume that he invented the sprinkler to make watering the lawn easier!

When did Elijah mccoy invent the lawn sprinkler?

It is not recorded when McCoy invented the lawn sprinkler. He also invented the folding ironing board and the self lubrication system.

What was invented in 1897?

cotton candy was invented. the first automatic lawn sprinkler was invented!!!!!!!1

Who invented the traveling lawn tractor sprinkler?

John (Jack) Wilson

What year was the lawn sprinkler invented?

i Dont know,,, By: Random jL

When was the water sprinkler invented?

The lawn sprinkler was invented in 1871. J. Lessler from Buffalo, New York, patented the sprinkler after city water systems spread in the 1870's.

Who was a Child of former slaves invented the iron board the lawn sprinkler and many other useful things?

Sarah Boone invented the first ironing board. Elijah McCoy invented the portable ironing board, tire tread, and the lawn sprinkler.

Is a lawn sprinkler a Compound Machine?

Yes. The lawn sprinkler has a lever and a screw.

What child of former slaves invented iron board and lawn sprinkler and more?


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