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Who invented the lens?

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the person who invented the lens is the jansan brothers like the Jonas brother

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Who invented chromatic lens?

the person who invented the chromatic lens

Who invented bifocal lens?

Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal lens.

Who invented the achromatic lens?

John Dollond invented the achromatic lens. He used a combination of crown and flint glasses to construct the lens.

Who invented the first hand lens?

William Julliano invented the first hand lens in 1991

Who invented the convex lens?

Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) He also invented the concave lens.

When was the Canon EF 300mm lens invented?

In 1822 Augustin Jean Fresnel invented the basis of the technology that went into making the Canon 70-300mm lens. The specific Canon EF 300mm lens was not invented, only modified from the original lens technology invented in 1822.

Who invented the hand lens?

Roger Bacon invented the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass is also called the hand lens. It was invented in 1250.

When was the lens invented?

find the answer

What is the type of microscope Leeuwenhoek invented with one lens?

Single Lens. Also the Simple Lens.

When was the bifocal lens invented?


When were contact lens invented?


How invented the lens?

Probable the Assyrians.

Who invented the colored contact lens?

ME (:

Who invented the microscope lens?

Zaccharias Janssen

Who invented the Fisheye lens?

Robert Bonnell

Who invented the concave lens?

Isaac Newton

Who invented the first telescope lens and when?

hans lippershey invented the 1st telescope in 1608

Where was the contact lens invented?

Eye don't know.

Who invented the bionic contact lens?

Babak Parviz

What year was the first hand lens invented?


Who invented the first lens?

Probable in the ancient sumer period.

When was the first lens invented?

Probable in the ancient sumer period.

Achromatic lens Invented by whom and when?

John Dolland 1758

Who invented the disposable contact lens?

Louis J. Girard

Who invented the lens grinding machine?

Hans and Zacharias Janssen