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Who invented the mircowave?

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who invented the microwave ?

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When was the mircowave invented?


What happens when you put aluminum foil in the mircowave?

a massive bang happens and and lights flash in side the mircowave

Where was the mircowave invented?

In 1947, a company based in the U.S. called Raytheon built the Radarange, the first commercial microwave oven in the world.

Does a mircowave have Radium in it?

Of course, no !

Can hamsters pop?

If you put them in the mircowave.

What are the natural source of mircowave?

is it 30

What is the life span of a human skin cell?

3minuites in a mircowave

How long does it take to cook a chicken breast in a mircowave?

about 50 minutes

What was the best invention in America?

lights , t.v ,color, mircowave , toliets .

How long does it take 50 ml of water to evaporate in a mircowave?

This depends on many factors.

What is the screen width of this mircowave?

The screen was about 10 inches long when it comes to the screen with of the microwave.

When can you put a stainless steel spoon in a microwave oven?

if you want to ruin the mircowave and burn down the house you can...

What is a cowboy chef?

A person who cuts corners like using the mircowave,deep frier to produce speedy results in turn producing a bad product. To there normal counter part. E.g Deep fry a steak then mircowave fastest steak opposed to grilling and finishing it off in the oven.

Should you put a paper cover or a plastic wrap cover in mircowave?

Probably paper. Some plastics melt.

Does putting a wash cloth in the mircowave get rid of germs?

I'm thinking no..but if you boil it or wash it in the laundry that should probably do the trick.

Does the power of a microwave affect how well it makes popcorn with a detailed explanation?

no the power of a mircowave does not affect how well popcorn is made.............

How does the brand of popcorn affect how many kernels are left unpopped?

because te heat does not reach the kernels in the mircowave popcorn bag

What is the variable when Melt ice cubes in a mircowave?

shape/size/surface area of the ice cube also the time it is in and the heat settings i think?

Can you put an insulated metal lined cup in a mircowave in the center not tuching the sides of the microwave to heat a beverage?


Is ground turkey safe after it's been thawed in the mircowave?

Yes, it is safe. Using the microwave to thaw meat is safe and has always been safe. The microwave does not harm the meat.

Can my mircowave receive Wi-Fi?

No. The microwave oven kitchen appliance is equivalent to a high power radio transmitter in several ways, but is totally incapable of receiving anything.

How do you fix a phone after it went into the mircowave?

Well I'm pretty sure u can't. Maybe before doing that you were smart and bought a protection plan because your probably going to need to replace it.

What mircowave is easiest to clean?

Most microwaves are all styled similarly making them equally easy to clean. Bigger ones are going to be easier to clean because you will have more room to move around.

Does food brown in the mircowave?

Not usually. There are certain foods that come with a specialy coated cardboard insert that will enable the food item to brown through direct contact, but just browning say, a cheese on top of a piece of bread, no.

How does a mircowave work?

The beauty of microwaves is amazing. It uses radiation and convection(some) to heat up the substance you are heating. I recommend not going near the microwave as it is doing its heating process, too much radiation= not a healthy person