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The first motion picture camera was invented by the Frenchman Louis Le Prince in the 1880s, while working in Leeds, UK

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Q: Who invented the movie camera?
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Related questions

Where was movie camera invented?

it was first invented in 1776

Who invented the phonograph and movie camera?

Thomas Edison created both the phonograph and the movie camera

How was the movie camera invented?

it was invented when someone anciently when a man said "i wish my life could be in slow motion..."

Why was the 35mm camera invented?

To test exposures for movie film. The gentleman who invented the 35mm camera, Oskar Barnack, was Leitz Optical Works' liaison to the German film company Ufa. They needed a still camera to test movie scenes before spending money shooting lots of film, so Barnack invented a still camera that takes movie film. Once it was done, the Ufa photographers would set up and light a scene, photograph it with the "Leitz-camera" (or "Leica," which is a brand still being made) and develop the film.

Are there online films on US history 1880 - 1920?

No films on this time. The movie camera hadn't been invented only the still camera.

Who invented the camera and when was it invented?

The first camera was invented by Joseph-Nicephore in 1826.

When was filming invented?

The first motion picture capturing device, movie camera, was patented in 1893.

Did the pilgrims have a movie?

Pilgrims were in 1620 and the camera was invented in 1830. Too many years difference.

When was camera first invented?

The first camera was invented in 1816, the camera was a very small one..

Who invented the motion picture camera?

Thomas Edison invented the first motion picture camera. :D The Briton, William Friese-Green was the first person to make a practical movie camera. His son was the first to demonstrate colour movies in the early 1920s.

Who invented the first camera in the 1900s?

The first camera was invented long before the 1900s. George Eastman invented the "Kodak" camera, the first camera marketed to the general public, in the 1900s.

Who invented the box camera?

William Henry invented the box camera

When was the underwater camera invented?

i believe the underwater camera was invented in 1893

Which camera did Ibn Alhaytham invented?

he invented the first camera in the world

Who invented the lightweight camera?

George Eastman invented the lightweight camera.

Who invented a small camera?

George Eastman invented the small camera

Who invented Kodak camera?

George Eastman invented a Kodak camera

Why did Louis Lumiere invent the motion picture?

he invented the movie camera because he couldn't fall asleep.

Did Walt Disney invent his first movie camera before he got married?

He invented the camera in 1926 and he got married in 1925. so only one year.

Who invented the camera in Victorian times and when?

The camera was invented by William Henry Fox Talbot. He had invented it in 1833

Was the camera invented in 1837?

Yes, the camera was invented in 1837 by Louis Daguerr.

What year was the Victorian camera invented?

The Victorian camera was invented in 1827 by Niepe.

Who invented the document camera?

Dr Kadir PhD MBChB invented the camera

Who invented the Digital Underwater Camera?

Louis Boutan invented the first underwater camera in 1893.

Was the camera invented by a Canadian?

The Panoramic camera was invented in 1887 by J.R. Cannon (a Canadian).