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Who invented the pocket?

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Pockets originated in Canton, South Dakota and were invented by a man named James L. Pocket in 1698.

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When was the pocket calculator invented?

the pocket calculator was invented in 1972.

When was the pocket watch invented?

The pocket watch was invented in the year 1504.

Who invented pocket watch?

Peter Henlein invented the Pocket watch.

Who invented the pocket hose?

The patented pocket hose, called the Dap Hose was invented by the Dap Company.

When was pocket calculator invented?

When we have pockets.....

Where was the pocket watch invented?


Who invented the mini bike?

Jacob Webster invented the pocket bike

When was the pocket handkerchief invented?

The pocket handkerchief can be traced back thousands of years. It is thought that King Richard II of England invented it in the 1300s.

Who invented pocket tanks?

Ms. Askew

Who invented the pocket knife?

jim bowie

Who invented the Game Boy pocket?


Where was the pocket bike invented?

william hanks

Who invented the polly pocket?

it was designed by Chris Wiggs

Who invented the pocket calculator?

by josh tanner in 1996

How was the pocket watch invented?

1392 1392 1392

Who invented shirt pockets?

James L. Pocket

What date was the pocket invented?

Around 3,300 BC

Who invented first pocket calculator?

Sir Clive Sinclair

Who invented the pill pocket?

Brian McGann, Raleigh NC

Why were pocket bikes invented?

for fun, as they serve no other purpose do they?

Who invented the first pocket bike?

suziki made the first pocket bike in 2003 it was called r6 it was a mini r 6

When was pocket pikachu invented?

It was released in Japan on March 27, 1998.

Why a pocket watch?

cos the wrist strap hadn't been invented yet. Wristwatches were not invented until World War I. A soldier did not have time to stop fighting and pull a pocket watch out to see what time it was.

When was the pocket knife invented?

The Pocket Knife comes from the early Iron Age but they were not the same pocket knives you see today. The 15th century is when Locking Knives were first known to exist.

What did peter henlein invent?

peter henlein invented the first pocket watch.