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Who invented the space craft?

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SPECIFIC PEOPLE PLEASEAnswerExtraterrestial People. ( People not from this World, their craft are called Flying Discs ) Answer

No one person invented space shuttles - the Russians invented sputnik and put the first animal and human into orbit, and NASA put the first man on the moon.

Lots and lots of engineers, including some German scientists who built the first military missiles and were given asylum in the US.

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Q: Who invented the space craft?
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Why was spacecraft invented?

The Space craft was invented to enable man to explore the outer planets and galaxy's.

What is a space craft?

A space craft is an object in space such as a Spaceship or Satellite.

Has a space craft landed on Pluto?

No space craft or person has landed on pluto.

To an astronaut in a space craft the sky appears to be?

To an astronaut in a space craft, the sky appears to be black.

How do they get into space?

In a space shuttle usually but now that has been decommisioned the only way to get into space is to build your own (safe) space craft or go to Russia where you can get into space using their space craft.

What do you call a space craft not designed to land?

A flyby craft

Who launched the first space craft?

The first space craft was Sputnik, which was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957

How will you get to Jupiter?

By a space craft

What type of space craft was the challenger?

It was a space shuttle.

To lift from a planet on a journey into space?

Space Craft

What is an orbital path?

An orbital path is the place at which when a space craft reaches a free fall (just beyond the Earth's atmosphere) and then adds a thrust to propel the space craft. This causes the space craft to orbit the Earth. While the space craft is falling back into the Earth's atmosphere the thrust is causing the space craft to remain at a stationary altitude in relation to the Earth, but not to objects beyond Earth, because the Earth is round.

What is the difference between a airplane and a space craft?

because a airplane is flown by wings and a space craft is flown by something else

What is the most difficult engineering?

One of the most difficult is the design and engineering of space craft, such as satellites and space exploration craft.

space craft that took the first man to the moon?

Saturn V Rocket

Which was the first space craft that landed in space?

Spacecraft do not and cannot 'land' in space.

What is the difference air craft and space craft?

As far as I understand spacecrafts are made for space journeys and aircrafts for journeys on air without leaving the atmosphere.

What is the Hubble Space craft?

a Telescope

Does America have alien space craft?


Did a space craft land on Jupiter?


Which space craft was reusable?


What was the earliest space craft on mars?

The 1st space craft that went to Mars was the American Mariner 4 spacecraft. This was in the year 1971.

When was the hover craft invented?

1956The first hovercraft was invented in 1969.

What was the first spacecraft to go into space?

The first space craft was the USSR's Sputnik 1 which was launched on 4th October 1957. It was the first space craft to orbit the Earth.

What rocket was valentina tereshkova in when launched into space?

The space craft the 1st woman, Valantina Tereshkove was in when she went to space was the Vostok 3KA space craft.The launch vehicle was the Vostok 8K672K rocket.

Is voyager an American space shuttle?

Voyager is not a Space Shuttle, but more a space craft.