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It will remain unknown to history which early man first picked up a pointed stick and discovered a usefull application for such a device. It almost certainly originated in Africa and was improved on as a tool and a weapon.


no no no! Mesopotamians invented it in Mesopotamia. It was in 15,000 BC

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When and where was the caveman spear invented?

yes they invented the spear.

What early human invented the spear?

The Homo Habilus first invented the spear, also known as Handy Man.

Who invented the first spear?

There is not one specific person who invented the first spear. However, the Australian Aboriginal people, one of the most ancient races on earth, used the spear.

What year was a spear invented?


Who invented the stethscope?

Brittney spear

When was the spear invented?

I think in the Rock Ages

Who invented the spear?

Nobody knows. Yet!

What period of time was a spear invented?

yesterday :):):):):):):)

When was the bronze spear invented?

In the bronze age :1

When did the Roman invented the Roman spear?

The roman military

How was the spear invented?

I'm not sure go away..... jakndaxta:Pokemon Diamond and Pearl? you gotta be kidding me. The spear was invented around 100,000BC by the Neanderthals and where improved on by Cro-Magnon.

Who invented iron tipped spear?

Ancient China had invented the first iron tipped spears.

Where was the spear invented?

Nobody really knows. It is a legend and mystery's.

What were the Rome inventions?

The romans invented the arrows,and the spear and more...................................................

What was the first thing ever invented by humans?

ClothingA club or spear

What time was the hand ax and the spear invented in?

That would be the Stone Age.

When was the first weapons invented and who invented them?

They cave men invented them and we don't really know. The first weapon invented was an ulu. The first weapon discovered was the spear.

When was the first fizz invented?

They cave men invented them and we don't really know. The first weapon invented was an ulu. The first weapon discovered was the spear

What is the oldest weapon that has ever been invented?

Probably the hammer, knife, or spear.

What year was the spear invented?

about 1-5 million years BC, by advanced apes.

Who invented the WWE move known as the spear?

goldberg Goldberg used a variation of the spear that was used by several other wrestlers. The Superstar to bring it into mainstream was Rhyno in the original ECW.

What is the German word for spear?

nounspear = Speerspear = Lanzespear = Spießverbto spear = aufspießento spear = spießento spear = durchbohren

What stone age was the spear invented in?

During the old stone age in the time of Homo erectus or Homo neanderthalensis.

Who was the fist human inventor?

Whom found fire or invented the wheel could be the first. Spear as well could fit this.

Is edges spear legal?

The spear is legal, it is a storyline that the spear is illegal.