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Who invented voice mail?


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Oklahoman, Gordon Matthews. It was patented Feb 1, 1983. Later IBM bought him out and developed voice mail as we know it today.


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Voice mail is similar to an answering machine, but through your phone service provider instead of an answering machine hooked up to your phone line. If you are not available to answer your phone or you are already on the phone with another person, the caller will be routed to voice mail where he or she can leave a message.Accessing your voice mail varies depending on the phone setup and the service provider. Your phone may have a buttoned that is programmed to take you directly to your voice mail, or you may have to dial a number to connect. Then, you will probably need a password to access your voice mail. Once you have accessed your voice mail, you will be able to change settings, listen to voice mail, forward voice mail, and several other features.

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'Voice Mail' is a Value Added Service where your callers can leave a voice message for you in case you are unable to answer / attend your phone. To activate VMS the subscriber has to type 'START VOICE' and send it to 200 (Please get this validated by VAS team)

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