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They killed him because he set slaves free and He was killed in Ford Theater

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Q: Who is Abraham Lincoln's father what year was Abraham Lincoln president when did Abraham Lincoln die where was Abraham Lincoln killed why did they kill Abraham Lincoln?
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Was john c calhoun Abraham Lincolns father?

No. Thomas Lincoln was Abraham Lincolns father.

What was the name of Abraham Lincolns father?

Thomas Lincoln

Who is Abraham mother and father?

Abraham Lincolns parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln.

Who was Abraham Lincolns father and moth er?

thomas Lincoln and ellie Lincoln

What was Abraham Lincolns father's name?

Thomas Lincoln's wife, Nancy, got pregnant by another man named Samuel Davis. Thomas and Nancy Lincoln raised Abraham and were his parents, but Samuel Davis and Nancy Lincoln were Abraham's biological parents.

How did Abraham Lincolns father die?

Abraham Lincoln's father died at home of natural causes at age 73.

What is tad Lincoln father name?

President Abraham Lincoln.

What is the name of Thomas Lincolin's father?

Thomas Lincoln's father was actually named Abraham Lincoln. The American President, Abraham Lincoln was named after him.

How did Lincoln's grand father DIE?

Lincolns grandfather was killed by Indians.

Who was abraham lincolns' parents?

Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln. After Nancy died his father remarried to a woman named Sarah Bush Johnston.

Who was Abraham Lincoln's mother and father?

Abraham Lincoln's parents were named Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. His mother was from Virginia (the area is now part of West Virginia), and his father was a well-respected man from Kentucky.

What was Abe Lincoln's real name?

Abraham Lincoln is his real name.FYI:Also they nicknamed him 'Honest Abe'.