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Who is Birdman the rapper life?

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baby Williams a.k.a #1_stunna a.k.a birdman. aged 51. he plays a role as the father of lil_wayne in this rap industry but they are NT biologically related, He owns cash money.

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How old is the rapper BirdMan?

birdman is 52

Is birdman the rapper of the rapper of Lil Waynes son?

if your asking if lil wayne is the son of birdman. your answer is no.

Is Chris Brown Birdman?

No. Birdman is a different rapper.

Did the rapper birdman die?


Is lil Wayne better rapper then Birdman?

Yes. Lil Wayne is a way better rapper than Birdman. Even Birdman knows that, which is why he rarely releases songs without Lil Wayne on them.

How much is birdman worth?

Rapper birdman is worth $350,000,000 dollars with cash money

Who is Lil Waynes dad?

Birdman the rapper

How tall is the rapper birdman?

he is 6' 3

Did birdman take drugs?

Of course he did, he is a rapper....

Who is Lil Wayne's favorite rapper?


Which rapper owns the most cars?

Birdman !!

Is rapper birdman a blood?

yes he actually is

Who discovovered lil Wayne as a rapper?


What is the rapper birdman real name?

The rapper Birdman's real name is Bryan Williams.

How old is rapper birdman?

He is 42 years old

Does birdman the rapper have a son?

yes, lil Wayne

Who started cash money records?

The rapper Birdman.

Did the rapper birdman go with Lil Wayne mother?


Does birdman have any kids?

Yes, Birdman does have one daughter. Birdman is a rapper and record producer who as of 2014 has a net worth of 160 million dollars.

How much money do birdman have?

bird man? If you mean the people that feed the birds it depends... no stupid...birdman is a rapper

How old is Birdman the Rapper?

Bryan "Birdman" Williams is 48 years old (birthdate February 15, 1969)

When did Birdman release Fire Flame?

Birdman released the song Fire Flame in the year 2012. It was the second single from his fifth studio album Bigga Than Life and featured Lil Wayne as a guest rapper.

Who Is Birdman Dating?

Birdman, the rapper, was last reported to be dating Pilar Sanders. His current relationship status, as of September 2014, is unknown.

In 2006 Lil' Wayne released an album with another rapper Who was this rapper?

lil wanye is the best rapper alive ya he is and the sexiest and it was with "Birdman"

Is birdman lilwaynes baby?

Haha No Lil Wayne Just Calls Birdman His Dad Because He Taught Him Everything He Knows Today As A Rapper.(=

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