Who is Eugene Sandow?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Eugene Sandow, was insanely famous body builder. He was accredited with bringing strongman shows to the stage and changing them to artistic posing routines, this has seen him dubbed as the "grandfather of modern body building".

He released books including the self improvement book "Life is Movement". Which became a cultural success in the USA, Britain, and India.

I only found all this out after selling some pictures of the man in question to his grandson whom was in the process of creating a museum in his honour, and had recently purchased his grave!

I have no idea whether the Sandow link is deliberate in the wwe, but I would assume that it is given the links with body building the company has. The character seems to be very loosely based on a caricature of the original.

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Q: Who is Eugene Sandow?
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