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George Lopez is a main character of a television show called "George Lopez" It is a Mexican/Cuban show comedy, that faces every day plots.

George Lopez is also a comedian he performs mostly in Texas his main subjects are usually making fun of white people and what they assume about Mexicans.
Goerge Lopez, stars in his own comedy tv show, Goerge lopez! answer 2 I'm pretty sure he's a Mexican American comedian and actor.

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The George Lopez Show, 2002-2007 and Lopez Tonight.

Knock knock...Whose there? George Lopez....George Lopez who? Come onnn George Lopez! You knoww George.. Lopez, the Mexican comedian, with the show and the facial expressions that only 50 year old Spanish ladies laugh at. George Lopez! Not as terrible or painful as Carlos Mencia but still pretty consistently unfunny. George Lopez! Ring any bells??

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