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Q: Who is Jeff Hardy's favorite actress and actor?
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What is Jeff hardys favorite animal?


Jeff hardys favorite country?

Jeff hardy favorite country is America and his favorite state is North Carolina

What is Jeff hardys favorite match?

extreme rules match

What is Jeff Hardys' favorite colour?

Jeff hardys favorite colors are black blue red yellow serious don't listen to the guy who answerd 1st

Are the hardys your favorite wrestlers?

They rock but Jeff hardy was suspended from the wwe forever

What is Jeff hardys favorite song?

black purl jam

What is Jeff hardys favorite drink?

He likes leminade and pepsithe flinstones

Who is Jeff hardys favorite bashetball player?

North Carolina tar tar heels

Jeff hardys age?

umm hello Jeff hardys 33 he turned 33

Who is Jeff hardys favorite female friend?

I dont know what you mean by that question, but he has a girlfriend named Beth.

JEFF HARDY new back tattoo?

The hardys symbol The hardys symbol

What is Jeff hardys Twitter?