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Who is Jordan Pruitt dating?

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She is not dating anyone as of September 2010.

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Is Jordan Pruitt dating?

yes she is dating nick Jonas

Proof that Nick Jonas and Jordan pruitt are dating?

There is NO proof.

Are Joe Jonas and Jordan Pruitt Dating?

yes, they use too

Is Jordan pruitt dating Nick Jonas?

NO! Nick is adating Miley Cyrus

Is Nick Jonas dating Jordan Pruitt?

No, a representative for the Jonas Brothers has denied that Nick is dating Jordan Pruitt. They have only been seen together because the Jonas Brothers are providing a track for Jordan's upcoming CD.

Where is Jordan Pruitt from?

Jordan Pruitt is from Longanville, Georgia in the USA!

How tall is Jordan Pruitt?

Jordan Pruitt is 5' 1" tall.

What is the birth name of Jordan Pruitt?

Jordan Pruitt's birth name is Jordan Lynne Pruitt.

When was Jordan Pruitt born?

Jordan Pruitt was born on May 19, 1991.

Does Jordan Pruitt have kids?

No, Jordan Pruitt does not have kids!!!! She's only 15!

How tall is Jordan Pruitt actually?

Jordan Pruitt is 5' 1" tall.

What nicknames does Jordan Pruitt go by?

Jordan Pruitt goes by Jordy, and Jor.

Is Eric Christian Olsen dating?

Eric is NOT dating anyone! But he did date JORDAN PRUITT, When he was filming DUMB AND DUMBERER 2 :D

Does Jordan pruitt have a brother?

Yes, his name is Jared Pruitt.

How old is Jordan Pruitt?

Jordan Pruitt is 26 years old (birthdate: May 19, 1991).

Is Jordan pruitt a virgin?

no she is not

What is Jordan Pruitt middle name?

Yes Jordan Pruitt Already Had Her Daughter. Her Name Is Jarliene (Jar-Leen)

Where's Jordan site?

Jordan pruitt .com

Is Jordan pruitt a twin?

Yes her twin sister is Juli Anna Marie Pruitt and her brother is Jared Pruitt

Does Jordan Pruitt have a stardoll?

no not that i have found

Is Jordan pruitt dead today?


What religion is Jordan Pruitt?

She is Christian! :)

Is Jordan pruitt a christian?

Jordan Pruitt was raised in a Christian family and still practices today. She is a singer who released her first album in 2006.

How old is just Jordan?

Jordan Pruitt is 17 years old

Where does Jordan pruitt live?

Pruitt resides near Franklin, TN, when not on tour or in Los Angeles.