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Who is Ken Beagle sharp shooter for Remington Arms in 1954?

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2011-09-13 17:45:42

he was an exhibition shooter for Remington peters -- one of his

trademarks was to shoot the silhouette of an Indian chief on to a

tin target --- I am also interested in finding a picture of him---a

couple of years ago I caught a news clip of him doing this on

Daytona beach in the 50's I would very much like to have a video of


My dad had a sporting goods store in 1952 where Ken Beegle shot

the silhouette of an Indian chief on to a tin target from

approximately 50 feet free-standing rapid fire with pre-loaded .22

caliber rifles. He signed it "Best Wishes to Williamson Sport Shop,

Ken Beegle Rem-Pet 4/19/52". Every shot is an exact shot in line

with the Chiefs feathers and facial features. I had it framed for

my dad. I have often wondered the history of this excellent


His name is actually spelled Beegle. (I'm named after him; he

was my great-uncle, although I never met him.) There apparently is

a video available:

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