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Lady Angellyca is a singer/gothic model/actress/designer/dark illustator/photographer. Angellyca begin performing at the age of 5. Agellyca is currtenly sign up Valentine Mangment for modling and Bristol for the USA. Agellyca sings for the spanish band Forver Slave formed in 2000. Agellyca did all the covers designs and photography for the demos and their debut CD Alice's Infero. Angellyca has a degree in fine arts earned at San Charles University. Angellyca has also tooken classical vocal lessons. Angellyca was born on May,02 1981.

Angellyca's favorite colors are dark red,blood red, and black. Angellyca is a Taurus. Angellyca's favorite countries are Norway and Germany. Angellyca does not smoke od drink except for dark beer every once in a while.

No, Lady Angellyca is really a huge whale that likes to fake her singing and needs proununciation lessons before she returns to America, for I cant understand what she is saying!