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Marvin Winans is not currently married to anyone. He has only been married one time for 16 years to Vicki Winans whom he divorced in 1995.

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When was Marvin Winans created?

Marvin Winans was created in 2000.

Who is pastor Marvin winans dating?

Pastor Marvin Winans's prospective wife lives in Jacksonville Florida.

What is the birth name of Marvin Winans?

Marvin Winans's birth name is Marvin Lawrence Winans.

Marvin Winans is remarried?

No because I'm his future wife. (Kay from Georgia)

When was Marvin Winans Jr created?

Marvin Winans Jr was created in 2008.

Are BeBe and CeCe Winans related to Marvin Winans?

Yes, Marvin Winans is BeBe and CeCe's older brother.

Why did Vickie Winans divorce Marvin Winans?

No she did not

Who was vickie winans husband?

Marvin Winans

When was Marvin Winans Jr born?

Marvin Winans Jr was born on 1979-12-28.

Are Marvin Winans and Vickie Winans still married?


Did Marvin winans beat vickie winans?


Who is Marvin winans wife?

He has never remarried since his wife Vicki divorced him in the 1990's after 17 years of marriage.

Is BeBe Winans father to Mario Winans?

No, he is actually Marvin Winans' son

Did Marvin L Winans and Vickie Winans have any children?

Yes...Mario, Marvin Jr. and Josiah

When was Marvin Winans born?

Marvin Winans was born on March 5, 1958, in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Are BeBe and CeCe Winans related to Vickie Winans?

Benjamin "BeBe" Winans and Priscilla "CeCe" Winans are siblings in gospel's legendary Winans family. Another sibling in that family is Marvin L. Winans, Sr., who is also the pastor of Perfecting Church in Detroit, MI. Vickie Winans (maiden: Bowman) is the ex-wife of Marvin L. Winans, Sr. To that end, she is the "former" sister-in-law of BeBe & CeCe Winans. No bad blood, though, praise God!

Are Vicki winans and Marvin winans friends?

Yes they are friends.

Why did Marvin Winans and Vickie Winans divorce?

Irreconcilable differences.

Who is Mario Winans' dad?

Marvin Winans Sr.

Who is josiah winans?

Josiah Winans is Bishop Elect Marvin Winans youngest son.

Who is Marvin Winans dating?

Marvin divorced wife, Vickie Bowman, in 1995, however, no additional information on his dating life or dating history is available

Did Marvin Winans marry after his divorce to Vickie Winans?

Marvin did not get marry again, but Vickie got married again

Who is coconut winans?

Marvin Winans Jr. is nick named CoCoNut

How long was Marvin Winans married to Vickie Winans?

16 years

Is Marvin L winans remarried?