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Who is Michael Dell?

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Michael Seth Saul Dell (born February 23, 1965, in Houston, Texas) is the founder and CEO of Dell, Inc.

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What did Michael Dell create?

Michael Dell made the Dell Laptop.

Does Michael Dell have brothers and sisters?

Yes Michael Dell Of Dell Does Have Siblings

When did Michael Dell leave dell?

Michael Dell never left dell he worked there for 5 years i belive

Why did Michael Dell leave Dell?

Michael Dell never left Dell. He is an American businessman and the founder and current CEO of Dell, Inc.

Who runs dell?

Michael Dell is the CEO of Dell.


Michael dell

Who is the current CEO dell?

The CEO of Dell is Michael Dell.

How did Dell get started?

Dell was started by Michael Dell in his bedroom.

Who is the CEO of Dell?

Michael Dell is the CEO of Dell Inc.

Who is the present CEO of dell?

The CEO of Dell is Michael Dell.

Ceo of Dell company?

The CEO of Dell is Michael Dell.

Who is the founder and CEO of Dell computers?

Michael S. Dell is the founder , CEO and president of Dell Computers Inc.Michael S. Dell

When was Michael Dell born?

Michael Dell was born on February 23, 1965.

Who founded Dell Inc.?

Michael Dell

Who is in charge of dell now?

Michael Dell

Who is the founder and CEO of Dell?

Michael Dell

When did Dell first start?

Michael Dell founded the Dell Corporation in Austin, Texas in February of 1984. It is still privately owned by Michael Dell.

Who founded the dell computer?

Michael Dell is the founder of Dell Computers.

Where is Michael dell at in 2010?

Michael Dell is in Texas living with his wife and four children

When did Michael Dell begin the Dell Corporation?

In 1984.

Who is the ceo of dellcorporation?

The Dell CEO is Michael Dell.

Who is dell company chairman?

Michael Saul dell

Who founded Dell Computers?

Michael Dell founded Dell Computers in 1984.

When was dell first created?

Dell was first created in 1984. By Michael Dell

Who is the president of dell?

Michael S Dell is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dell

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