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Who is Nelson chao?

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he goes to lyle creek

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What is a blitz chao?

A "Blitz" Chao is a Two-Tone White Chao. You can get this Chao by breeding a White Mono-Tone with a Normal Chao.

What do you get when you mate a gold chao with a silver chao?

You'd have four different options: * A gold chao * A silver chao * a gold chao with silver highlights * a silver chao with gold highlights

How do you get your chao to age faster?

Your chao will age faster if you spend more time in the Chao Garden with your chao.

Why can't I make my chao mate?

Chao CAN mate with each other.Ok,so one of your Chao has flowers blooming around it.In order to make a Chao mate with the Chao that has flowers blooming around it,you need to put another Chao next to the Chao that is ready to breed.Sometimes,a Chao might not like the Chao mating so then it goes away.Or you might be trying to breed a Child Chao with a Baby Chao.Baby Chao cannot breed with others.Only Child Chao with Child Chao.And the last reason why you can't mate your Chao is probably because you are trying to breed a Child Chao with a Chaos Chao.Chaos Chao cannot breed.Sometimes a Chao is already near the Chao mating.So if it likes the mating Chao,it will walk up to it and they will breed.

What happend if you gave your chao more that the 21 animals you need to give him to become a chao chao?

He would either become a "Death" Chao or a "Life" Chao With Unlocks you a Grave yard Chao Garden of a Heaven Chao Garden with is amazingly Fun :)

Can dark chao and hero chao mate?

ok yes they can unless they are a chaos chao. they are incapeable of mating. as long as the chao is a REAL non imortal chao then they will mate (tails chao= cant mate knux chao= cant mate Amy chao=cant mate!) these are nearly inpossible if they are imortal

Can a chao never become a chaos chao if it has had animals in the past.?

it can be a chaos chao

Where can you get chao papercraft instructions?

You can get Chao papercrafts on a website called Chao Laboratory

How do you get a dark sonic chao?

A dark sonic chao is a basic shadow chao.

What nicknames does Wesley Chao go by?

Wesley Chao goes by Wes Chao.

How do you make a chaos chao in sa2b?

After the second re-incarnation,give the chao all 21 animals. When it evolves it will be either a Devil chao,A light chao, or an angle chao

You breed a two chao gold and silver but i didn't get a gold and silver chao why?

If you breed a gold and silver chao, you can get * a Gold chao * a Silver chao * a Gold chao with silver highlights * Or a Silver chao with gold highlights If you didn't get any of these, somethings wrong with your gamecube/dreamcast

How do you get a transparent chao?

You can get a Transparent Chao by breeding a Shiny Chao with a Jewel Chao. When you get the egg, there is a possibility that when you hatch it, it will be either an Invisible, Transparent, or a Two-Tone Chao. If it's not a Transparent Chao, then you can always try again. Hope I helped!

How do you make a mephiles the dark chao?

Either get a two tone grey chao and make him a shadow chao or a two tone blue or sky blue chao and make either of them a shadow chao or a two tone black chao.

Can you breed a hero chaos chao with a dark chaos chao?

no, here is why. A Chaos chao is incapable of breeding. however, a dark chao and a hero chao are able to breed with one another.

In sonic adventure 2 battle what chao do you breed to get a green chao?

You would breed a yellow chao and blue chao. Or you could buy a green chao egg from the black market.

Do you have a chao in sonic adventure 2 battle as soon as you start?

You have to unlock the Chao Garden by collecting the Chao Key in a stage. After you unlock the Chao Garden, there will be two Chao eggs in the garden.

How do you get a red blood chao?

Mate a dark chao with a red chao and hope for an egg.

How do you get an onyx chao?

Even though I haven't heard of a "Onyx" Chao, I believe it might be a form of a Jewel Chao, or possibly a Shiny Chao.

What are chao fruit?

Chao Fruit are food that you can feed your Chao to increase its Stamina stat. You can find Chao Fruit in the Chao Gardens, or buy them at shops in various Sonic games. Hope I helped!

How long is a chao year?

for a chao to turn a year old is 3 hours in the chao garden. but if your asking how many years a chao can live up to, the answer is 5 years. after that, the chao will either die. if it you mistreated it, or it will reincarnate, this happens when the time for a chao comes but if the chao loved you it will reincarnate and turn himself into an egg to be with you. a chao can become immortal after it reincarnates 2 times. but that is the maximum for the reincarnation stage for a chao. if you have a chaos chao of any kind it will not be able to breed at all.

How do you get a Chaos Chao?

Reincarnate your at least Chao twice, then give the Chao one of each of the 21 animals in the game. Do not give your Chao Chaos Drives. Depending on which character you use you can make the Chao, Dark, Hero or Neutral. You can feed your Chao, too.

How do you get hero chao garden?

Get a hero chao!

What is a lite chaos chao?

It is a angel chao.

What rhymes with chao?

Mayo rhymes with chao.

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