Who is Plato?

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Plato was an ancient Athenian leader. Plato rejected democracy and instead, argued that the state should regulate every aspect of its citizens' lives to provide for their best interests.

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Q: Who is Plato?
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Who was born first Plato Aristotle or Plato?


How is Aristotle connected to Plato?

Aristotle was the student of Plato. and Plato was the student of Socrates.

What was Plato interested in?

what was Plato interested in

What are the differences of Socrates Aristotle and Plato?

Socrates taught Plato. Plato taught Aristotle. its said that Aristotle brought Plato down to earth, as Aristotle was more logical than Plato.

Who taught Plato?

Plato was a student of Socrates.

Who was Plato a student of?

Plato was a student of Socrates.

How tall was-Plato?

6ft 4in

What is the relationship of Aristotle Plato and socrates?

Socrates was the teacher of Plato. Then Plato later taught Aristotle

What is the ideal state of Plato?

what is ideal state according to Plato% what is ideal state according to Plato?

Who is the founder of Plato Academy?

Plato founded it himself.

What country is the Plato Academy in?

The Plato Academy Is in Greece

What did Plato contribute?

he contributed with the Plato Philosophy and math.

Who were Socrates's friends?

Crito and Plato Crito and Plato

Who did Plato teach?

Aristotle. socrates taught plato.

Who is the Greek Philosopher Plato?

What is Soceity according to Plato ?

Sacrates taught Plato Plato taught?


Was Plato a Muslim?

A:No. Plato was a pagan Greek philosopher.

Did Plato have any kids?

No Plato did not have any kids

What questions did Plato ask?

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What does Plato mean in spanish?

plato means plate

Who was put on trail and sentence to death Plato?


When was Plato alive?

Plato lived from 427BC to 348BC

Did Plato teach socialism?

No, Plato did not teach socialism.

How tall is Plato?

Dana Plato is 5' 2".

Was Plato a Christian?

Plato was born long before Christ. (no)