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Q: Who is Raksha Mantri?
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Bharat ka raksha mantri kon hai?

raksha mantri INDIA KA KAUN HAI

Who is palak mantri?

who is palak mantri aurangabad.

Who is the rail rajya mantri in India?

Naresh trevadi

Who is palak mantri aurangbad?

who is palak mantri aurangabad.

Who is shiksha mantri of gujrat?

gujrat shikshan mantri

When was Ramesh Mantri born?

Ramesh Mantri was born in 1927.

When was Mantri Square created?

Mantri Square was created in 2010.

Who is rail mantri of maharashtra?

maharashtrache navin relway mantri

What is the birth name of Vasiliy Raksha?

Vasiliy Raksha's birth name is Vasiliy Denisovich Raksha.

What is the birth name of Yuriy Raksha?

Yuriy Raksha's birth name is Raksha, Yuri Mikhailovich.

Who is the current Urja Mantri of chhattisgarh?

who is the current urja mantri of cg

What is raksha?

Raksha is not a what but a who. Raksha (the Demon) is the name of Mother Wolf (Mowgli's adoptive mother) in the Jungle Books